Saturday, 29 December 2007

welcome 2008,bye-bye 2007 ..!

ASsalammualaikum, hye there !!! yeah sorry coz i haven't been updating my juz not in da mood to do it..hehe..

Here one of my photos that was taken on the report card day.. comes 2008..'s true that time is flying by too fast.. nxt year im gonna be 15 !! and..yeah2..i have to sit 4PMR.. and im sooo freakin scared !!

Last thursday i watched tv3's news. they showed the students took their PMR's results.. some of them cried bcoz they got 7 A's,8 A's and 9 A's. and i wondered how many A's im gonna get. uh..based on my form 2 results i became MORE frustrated..

i really couldn't picture how my PMR result will turn out.. and my tears started rolling down to my face..i just couldn't stand my tears.. and i really don't wanna crush my parents hearts..
it's just, unimaginable..and i wondered if i should take tuition classes? should i? well.. my brothers and my sister didn't took any tuition classes when they at my fact they didn't take any tuition classes in their life ! But should i take the risks and study by my self? actually, when i was in my form 1 and 2, i didn't even studied hard..i didn't even struggled 4my exams..maybe that's why my results sucks..but can i keep up to my studies and get good results ??

well..anyhow.. i hope that my PMR results turned out fine..and i know, to have good greds..i have to struggle through my studies.. and i wanted to wish to all of my friends out there good luck 4ur PMR..!!! and i can't wait to go to school..i missed my friends soo much..and we wouldn't be in the same class anymore..ouhh soo sad..until next time..bye..!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

almost a fun day i had ...

heyaaa..ok.. the party is kinda fun laaa..hehe i arrived at da pizza hut lil bit late ! well it's my fault la kan sbb tgk dis one tv show "oh, lelaki !" .. hehe but i didn't missed anything yg jd kt party 2 !!
huh...! mcm2 perangai yg ade.. yg pkai fancy2 mcm nk gi dinner, yg pkai simple abes, yg buat tmpat 2 cam umah dier .. some of them kt skul mmang totally different..but some of them are still da same .. which includes me, okay!!

but yg plg xbest is my chubby SHAZZY xdtg .. coz die ader open hse that day.. too bad ..but what 2do..
but da best thing is that i got 2c this 2cute taiwan artists in the popular book store! but i didn't get the chance 2take their picture!! tp, bi RAIN is more hotter dr dorg..hehe.. i'll uploud da party pictures nxt time okay! tata..

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

conformed place for the class party..

my teacher decided 2held the party at j.jusco .. huh.. i really dun think it's a good place 2 hang-out with my friends.. but , i'll try laa ..maybe we can do our own thing after all of us makan2 .. i need 2 try 2 hv fun at the party coz it's the last party that i can attend with my friends .. well.. since next year all of us hv 2 change our classes .. it's sooooo BAD !!

i hope i'll end up with my friends also laa next year.. well .. one of them also can la..
okay .. that's it for now .. i'll post how things be at the party soon..! bye !

Monday, 29 October 2007

the moment that i've been waitin all year !!

after getting through all of those stressing weeks , there's also a time when all of us need 2hv FUN !! wuhooooooo ... !!

but sadly.. our class party had been postpone 2 another date.. and u know what ??! i've already
picked-out da fabulous clothes 4the partY ..!! then came some ridiculous suggestions which they want the party 2be held at bukit cherakah/cahaya!!

then how can my fwens and i get 2hear 2the sound of music..?? ok..ok.. don't get me wrong ok !!
i love camping... it's one of my fav. things 2do..but , the end-of the year party doesn't come selalu !! it me , or this thing doesn't make any sense ?? ohh..i really2 hope that they'll choose the rite place !! ...

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

the stressing usual..

well this is my 1st time i got the chance 2write on my own blog.. i wanted 2start using this blog thingy long time ago.but i can't find da time..i don't really know y?? well...okay.. the stressing week .. i just finish all of my exms last monday..huh !! at last eii... and i really don't want 2know my results!! coz i know i didn't get all my studies done properly !!! ohhh...God.. i need 2stop all of my nonsense lazy-ness..

i can't take this anymore !!!

well... i really2 hope that i will change my self 2be always improve on my feeling really2 stressed , coz

im not da kind of person who failed on her exams.. well ,
not before this !!

i really . really , really, need 2improve my self but i won't change my self 2be another person that im not !! i will

keep my loud-ness , active-ness , talkactive ,
me !!! and that's final.. ahahaaha..

ok..that's all 4now..( im new at this blog thingy so if Xbagus jgn marah..i'm learning , okay people !!)