Wednesday, 31 October 2007

conformed place for the class party..

my teacher decided 2held the party at j.jusco .. huh.. i really dun think it's a good place 2 hang-out with my friends.. but , i'll try laa ..maybe we can do our own thing after all of us makan2 .. i need 2 try 2 hv fun at the party coz it's the last party that i can attend with my friends .. well.. since next year all of us hv 2 change our classes .. it's sooooo BAD !!

i hope i'll end up with my friends also laa next year.. well .. one of them also can la..
okay .. that's it for now .. i'll post how things be at the party soon..! bye !

Monday, 29 October 2007

the moment that i've been waitin all year !!

after getting through all of those stressing weeks , there's also a time when all of us need 2hv FUN !! wuhooooooo ... !!

but sadly.. our class party had been postpone 2 another date.. and u know what ??! i've already
picked-out da fabulous clothes 4the partY ..!! then came some ridiculous suggestions which they want the party 2be held at bukit cherakah/cahaya!!

then how can my fwens and i get 2hear 2the sound of music..?? ok..ok.. don't get me wrong ok !!
i love camping... it's one of my fav. things 2do..but , the end-of the year party doesn't come selalu !! it me , or this thing doesn't make any sense ?? ohh..i really2 hope that they'll choose the rite place !! ...

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

the stressing usual..

well this is my 1st time i got the chance 2write on my own blog.. i wanted 2start using this blog thingy long time ago.but i can't find da time..i don't really know y?? well...okay.. the stressing week .. i just finish all of my exms last monday..huh !! at last eii... and i really don't want 2know my results!! coz i know i didn't get all my studies done properly !!! ohhh...God.. i need 2stop all of my nonsense lazy-ness..

i can't take this anymore !!!

well... i really2 hope that i will change my self 2be always improve on my feeling really2 stressed , coz

im not da kind of person who failed on her exams.. well ,
not before this !!

i really . really , really, need 2improve my self but i won't change my self 2be another person that im not !! i will

keep my loud-ness , active-ness , talkactive ,
me !!! and that's final.. ahahaaha..

ok..that's all 4now..( im new at this blog thingy so if Xbagus jgn marah..i'm learning , okay people !!)