Wednesday, 7 November 2007

almost a fun day i had ...

heyaaa..ok.. the party is kinda fun laaa..hehe i arrived at da pizza hut lil bit late ! well it's my fault la kan sbb tgk dis one tv show "oh, lelaki !" .. hehe but i didn't missed anything yg jd kt party 2 !!
huh...! mcm2 perangai yg ade.. yg pkai fancy2 mcm nk gi dinner, yg pkai simple abes, yg buat tmpat 2 cam umah dier .. some of them kt skul mmang totally different..but some of them are still da same .. which includes me, okay!!

but yg plg xbest is my chubby SHAZZY xdtg .. coz die ader open hse that day.. too bad ..but what 2do..
but da best thing is that i got 2c this 2cute taiwan artists in the popular book store! but i didn't get the chance 2take their picture!! tp, bi RAIN is more hotter dr dorg..hehe.. i'll uploud da party pictures nxt time okay! tata..