Saturday, 29 December 2007

welcome 2008,bye-bye 2007 ..!

ASsalammualaikum, hye there !!! yeah sorry coz i haven't been updating my juz not in da mood to do it..hehe..

Here one of my photos that was taken on the report card day.. comes 2008..'s true that time is flying by too fast.. nxt year im gonna be 15 !! and..yeah2..i have to sit 4PMR.. and im sooo freakin scared !!

Last thursday i watched tv3's news. they showed the students took their PMR's results.. some of them cried bcoz they got 7 A's,8 A's and 9 A's. and i wondered how many A's im gonna get. uh..based on my form 2 results i became MORE frustrated..

i really couldn't picture how my PMR result will turn out.. and my tears started rolling down to my face..i just couldn't stand my tears.. and i really don't wanna crush my parents hearts..
it's just, unimaginable..and i wondered if i should take tuition classes? should i? well.. my brothers and my sister didn't took any tuition classes when they at my fact they didn't take any tuition classes in their life ! But should i take the risks and study by my self? actually, when i was in my form 1 and 2, i didn't even studied hard..i didn't even struggled 4my exams..maybe that's why my results sucks..but can i keep up to my studies and get good results ??

well..anyhow.. i hope that my PMR results turned out fine..and i know, to have good greds..i have to struggle through my studies.. and i wanted to wish to all of my friends out there good luck 4ur PMR..!!! and i can't wait to go to school..i missed my friends soo much..and we wouldn't be in the same class anymore..ouhh soo sad..until next time..bye..!!