Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Turn Over a New Leaf


Tomorrow is a new year. I'm turning into a new page. May Allah bless our lives with His Love & His blessings, Amin...

Turning me into a better person than yesterday, and the day before that. I'm hoping for a successful life.

I can't wait to start schooling again, see my friends, and to be learning again.
To forget and try to let go of the past, so it won't be haunting me again any sooner nor forever.

No matter how much you fail, don't ever give up my fellow readers. A true Islam believer will always know that with Allah by their side there is nothing but hope.

Our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
“Do'a is the weapon of the Believer”.

Bye =)

A Sad day Yesterday, A Happy day Today =)


I'm going to be happy for today,
coz today, is Apeace's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday my Dear =)
May Allah always guide you into His blessings, giving you a great and a very successful life =) myspace graphic comments

bye =)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Be a human


I wanna scratch this pain off my chest. I don't wanna cry about something that I can't change. I gotta let go, I wanna be free. I'm still recovering my self from my sadness.

On the hand, I'm sooooooooooo proud of my friends,
i'm happy for you guys and keep it up, and may God bless u always =)

MGS Klang friends =)
1. Nadia - 7A's
2.Ai leen - 7A's
3.Bev - 6A's ( i know ur sad, but still, I'm proud of you, just don't look back)
4. Shazzy - 5A's

SMK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam friends =)
1. Deena - 7A's
2.Mira - 6A's
3.Atiq - 4A's
4. Saffy - 2A's

I'm happy for all of you,

Let us all study as hard as we can next year and in form five.
InsyaAllah, We'r going to succeed in the future =)

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Soon, The moment of truth reveals.


This 30th of Dec, all of us shall know. Some of us, work so hard.
Some of us, just act like nothing is happening.
All of us are so nervous. Anxious to know what we've got after all those efforts, all those learning.

We might even cry, I might even cry, but the question is, are we going to shed some tears over something we are happy about or otherwise?

Sleepless nights, too scared to even think about what the results might turn out like.

Everybody's nervous, I'm nervous too. Wanna puke.
Wanna turn the time back when we are at the first day in school.
Wish we could study harder, but we can't.

The time's running, it's hard to breath, the BIG DAY is almost here :s
The PMR results are coming out..

God, oh, God, The Almighty, Allah, please help me. Make me strong.
Make me feel calm.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The other pix =)

Ehee. Me, going through the river.
There were a lot of rocks and Im on my feet,with no shoes on!

Ngee~ I got my self cut. It hurts! Can u see, the blue color on my foot? yeah, I got that as a souvenir during the trip.

Hugs & flying kisses.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Green is what.....? Green is good =)


Wow, what a blast!! when I said at my previous post, I'll go to a waterfall 'soon' I mean that I went to the waterfall today!!
After Subuh, my brother(Haziq) told me that "I'm going to the waterfalls today, u wanna join me??" and I said a big,big YESSSSS!!!! "Of course I wanna join you" ^_^

We got out of the house at 7.30 and went to McD for breakfast at gombak. Haha.
We got lost, I mean, my two brothers got lost at 10.30am(coz they are the one who looked for the directions) =)
We were supposed to arrive there in about 20mins but we got lost. And went into Pahang twice but it was the wrong road. We even payed the toll rm15 because we went through the road 3 times!!

We arrived at the jungle at 1.10pm. Yeah. I know, 4hours in the car, what a pain in the butt!! Hahaha =)
But, heyyy, we finally here!!!! so, yayyy!

I had a really2 great time. It is an experience that u can't trade with anything else.
Praise to Allah, what an amazing creation, Subhanallah..

Here are some shots that are taken by my second brother Hakeem =)

My biggest brother, Haziq, is leading the jungle tracking.
Thanks bro, if not for you, we won't make it =)

My sister(at the back) & me are going through the big bush.
Look out for the leeches, because they can bite you and you won't even notice it.
I've been bit by five leeches. It's my first experience being bit by an animal called leech. I was always lucky and never end up being bit by a leech in other jungle tracking activities before. Well, it's not that bad, I kind of like it. haha.

My second big brother Hakeem, my sister & me.
We are in front of a big tunnel.
We got a long way to go!

Pisang Fall.. I don't know why does this fall called Pisang(banana),
well, it doesn't look like a pisang?
The water is soooooooo cold.
It's like freezing cold.

Its a nice place. The jungle tracking took about 30mins. But remember not to simply throw rubbish in the jungle. I felt so mad when i saw a few rubbish here and there. huh. those people... -_-

Uh, yeah, I haven't upload
a few pix coz my internet is a little bit slow.
I'll upload it later yeah =)

Hugs & flying kisses~

let's get nature everybody =) loving the green<3

Assalammualaikum =)
Hi, my lovers =]

The past two days:
uh, yeah. The weather is cold.
it's nice to feel some low temperature surroundings sometimes. Cold weather makes me feel not so fully stress. Haha.

There's a lot of things that are happening out there. Flood, the land collapse. This, that. Uh. I hate them. They who make those things happen.
Those who are responsible for all the cause that makes the earth suffers.
I hate them. Can't they just leave the earth alone in peace?
Can't they see that the earth is just too old and are unable to face their foolishness actions ????

Anyway, My brother are planning to go to a waterfall in a jungle with me. huhhhh, I can't wait!! :D weeeeeeeeee~ let's go and see the nature while enjoying Allah's amazing yet beautiful creation.. =)

This is the Pisang Fall. But I took it from the net. I'm going there soon enough and I'll show you my own shots, InsyaAllah =)

hugs & kisses =)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I heart him =)


I can hardly breath when he talks. He's just so hot. Hehe.
He is Edward Cullen. Watched Twilight zillion of times. It doesn't bore me at all. And I'm getting pretty addicted to his character. I think I'm going to watch the movie until the premier is over on the 10th of December. Haha. I'm serious!! =)

The movie was great. But, yeah, of course the book is better. Rob Pattinson is so hot kan?
He had acted a tons of movies. Such as Harry Potter. But, I think he shines the most in Twilight =) I dreamed of him right after seeing him in the cinema ;) U can bite me anytime Edward =) hahahahaha!!

I keep saying, comel nye.... while seeing the movie in the theater. Some people are like looking at me, but I don't care! Haha.

I think I'm going to follow his new movies in the future, but I know he wouldn't be as adorable in the Twilight movie.

He even sang for the Twilight OST album. The song is not that great.
But, his voice is kind of okay =)

Anyway, he was born in London, uhh, British guy la rupe nye =)
I think he terlepas cakap a word with the British accent! In the woods when Edward reveals that he is a vampire and showing Bella some of his speed moves. Haha. That's okay though.

Here's some funny video =) Wait until : 1:07 His expression is just so funny!!
Bite me, bite anytime okay !! :D

Hugs & kisses =)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

do i like babies?


Okay. Yes I like babies. I love babies. They're just so adorable especially when they smile. And make me go,ohh, so cute!

My hot aunty just gave birth to a baby girl named Anessa on the last 8th of October 2008. I stayed at her house for 10 days to clean up her house coz her house was recently renovated.
yeaah, I know. so rajin of me =)

but, oh, Anessa is so cute. I love her & and I think she loves me too coz she'll smile when ever i hold and talk to her =D

I've taken care a lot of babies actually. I mean for a while la. Not for the whole day. Coz they look very cute & very innocent in the 1st hour and then they'll bully me.
( most of the kids who are 2 years old and above )

That's why I prefer babies coz they couldn't talk and if they cries, we can calm him/her down. Where as a 2 year old kids can talk non stop! haha. But I still like kids la.

But, most of all, I love my little babies. Cats :D They're just adorable. But they like to poop a lot though. haha.
nasib baik comel an. klo x ..hisshh! hehe.

little babies :D

Anessa is sleeping on my lap =)

sleeppy2 nessa

My puffy when he was 2 days old. he was born on the 6th of october 2008.

hugs & kisses =)

Friday, 14 November 2008

The sleepless nights of the loneliness.


Like the title? yesss. I still aren't able to sleep during the nights. Plus, I began to feel lonely, cause my sisters fell asleep before me( I wanted to irritate them ) So, I've got no one to irritate. Pity, pity me.
But then, I've got the chance to finish my novels reading, yay =)

Just bought at school before PMR. I can't stop myself from buying these books cause of the discounts they offered =) ngee!

An urgent message of wowness. I love this one. The story's about a girl who thought all of her family members are perfect except for herself.
But after an incident happens, everything changes..
jeng jeng jeng!! muahaha!!

The cover is damn cool.
with the bling2 and the author is gorgeous too =) Published on 2007.

Little Secrets, playing with fire by Emily Blake. I like this one too. There's four series of books. Just finished the 1st one. Going to buy the next 3 books.

Her mother’s in jail. Her best friend betrayed her.
Loyal friend. Bitter Rival. Let the drama begin?
Published on 2006.

The twilight's movie is going to come out. But, I still haven't got my hands on the Twilights book '-_-

P/s like my new blog skin? ngee~
Just feeling like changing it.

Hugs & Kisses.
Getting through my down days.
I hope I'm not feeling to down though, drowning. Need oxygen..

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

what's the deal?


Now, it's exactly 4.00a.m. And I decided to express my self in my blog. I couldn't sleep early these days.
I just couldn't. Usually, I'll sleep after I prayed solat Subuh. All I could think of to make me sleepy are singing to my favorite songs these days(not so loud because everyone are sleeping,the.. -_- ), blogging and reading my new novels that I haven't touch after I bought em before PMR.

I'm so bored sitting at home, stuck with my "adorable" siblings. Yeah. rightttt..."adorable" stands up for "annoying"
It's a normal thing if your always annoyed with your siblings and it's fun to make your siblings feeling annoyed. I like to do crazy things just to make my self happy and less stress/ stress free!!
(and now my sisters will read this and saying-ohhh~)
(or they'll just think maybe I'm crazy)

Anyways, making my siblings feel annoyed is kind of a boring thing to do now, since I'd do it most of the time. And that means, I'm stress most of the time too. Huh, what to do.

Anyways, last past week, I went to a mamak stall to have a dinner with my mom, my Lil sis, my cousin and my friend. I'm the one who asked to eat there, because I 'mengidam roti pisang' haha. I'm turning to my older sis, coz she's the one who's always 'mengidam' all the time.

Back to the story, there were a bunch of guys sitting in front of us whose sitting in a circle. Like they were looking at something, at his phone, maybe. Like they were looking at something because they were totally 'khusyuk'.
I acted like usual, laughing and making jokes with them[ excluded my mom and kak zura( my other cousin)] But suddenly I felt like the bunch of boys were like looking at me. You know, the creepy feeling. But I ignored them coz what the heck, lantak la kan.

Then, my sis is like, "wey, dorg amik gamba ko la" and I'm like "yeke?"
Like being cool coz I thought they were like snapping a picture of me once. But then I realize they were snapping more than once. Like lots of more. I was like malas nak tgk muka dorg like, yuck!! wth la dorg ni. Ingat sesuka hati nak amik picca orang an. Like tade keja ke ape. Sengal gyle.

At first like I think maybe they were taking shots of all of us. But my sis strictly said, " No! he's focusing at your face!"
And I'm like wth??! ta bole bla. huh! hate them. hated that day. Can't I have my delicious 'roti pisang' in peace and harmony?? adoyaii!

Okay. I'm still mad. haha. until now. If I can turn back to that exact time, First, I would 'pandang kerek' and secondly, I would say, " wth is your bloody problem??" I wanted to say that, but unfortunately my mom suddenly said : "okay, lets go home.." And I'm like -_- ..

And guys, to free my self from these stress things I had to deal with, or maybe lighten a bit of stress, I'm going to watch movies, movies! But, I'm not going to watch High School Musical 3. Not that I hated to watch it, since I watch the HSM 1&2 too. It's just that, I don't think I wanted to imagine my self as a fanatic of the movie. And I definitely not going to watch it after reading some reviews that aren't so good.

What ever la. There a lots of other movies. haha :D

Songs that are recently 'Layan-ing' by me =)

Kate Perry - Hot N cold
Peterpan - mana sally
Peterpan - Kisah cintaku ( yeah, I know, jiwang much kan ^-^ )
David Archuleta - crush
T.I feat Rihanna - Live your life ( T.I is looking so HOT on the video. Oh, wait, he'd always looked hot before! haha. likes him ^_^ )
hot korean guy =) - Love story

Hug and kisses,

Thursday, 6 November 2008

will the excitement begin?


Arini, last day kite org ( dak2 form 3 ) sekolah. Yayyy!! Sekolah da abes!
So, me and my beloved fwens, pulun habis-habisan talking about everything yang boleh di kongsi bersama.Wow! We never stop talking until the school ends!

Ade je yg nak dicerita. Best gilak!! Anyways, Shazzy da apply msuk asrama gi pahang. huhu.. sedih gilak. die kate Xtau la dpt ke X. Tengok results.

As for me, I think I'm gonna stay in that school. Despite the feeling of bored and tired about the whole school, I think I should stay?.
Malas nak masuk asrama. Hmm, but I dont know if next year will be a blast for me..

Anyways, malas nak fikir dulu la.haha.

These are some of the pictures for you to enjoy watching. I hope you do =)

These are Shazzy & Filzah. <3>Hahahahaha!!! This is me. Trying Shazzy's specs. Oh, I'm looking like nanny!! Grandma. haha.

hehe. Shazzy-sleepy head! Filzah-Drama Queen.

Same goes too me. haha. I'm a Drama Queen too. So, we'r like twins right my babe? haha.
Signing Out! Hugs And kisses~
Till then.
Bye :D

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm sweating :D


Wow. This few days back are really HOT!! Some rashes seem to appear. Itchy, sweating, dehydration, bored, annoyed, you name it. I've been staying at home and didn't bother to go out.

Reading novels doesn't help. Watching TV doesn't help. Listening to music and singing had help me. But still, I'm feeling frustrated and couldn't control my temper for no reasons.

Wait, it might be because of the high temperature and the hot weather.
Could it be? I don't really know but I'll keep praying it'll rain soon so that it could wash away all the madness in me.

It's funny but I'm feeling absolutely irritating when my mood changes when I don't want it to happen at that very moment. I'm worrying about something that I don't actually know what and why.

Oh, Ya' Allah, please let the rain come down and cools down the earth.. We need it. I need it. May Allah always bless us with His love and care no matter what. I need it. We all do. Ice cream is now my best of friend. Chocolate Ice Cream<3<3>

Saturday, 25 October 2008

shopping for Deepavali?


Today, Me, my mother and kak Zura (mycousin) went to the Indian Town in Klang. My mom wanted to buy some Punjabi suit, Saree for her Wedding Boutique and a few bangles. Because during festivals, the sales gets cheaper, half of the real price!

It was 10PM and the crowd are going crazy! The cars parks beside the roads where the stores are a few miles away. And so did we. I had to walk a few miles until my feet hurts. The whole road are packed with people!

But the most funny thing on that day is that all of the people there are like STARING at us like we are NAKED ! They must be so anxious why the hell does there's Malay ladies walking around shopping for Deepavali. Hahaha. Its like its the weirdest thing they ever saw. But I have to agree that the salesman/woman were so nice to us. They gave us special prices for the things we bought. We ended our shopping at 1.00AM. Its was a very interesting experience I had on that particular day.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

SACC last tuesday 21.10.2008

After a very, very long period of time, I haven't seen my beloved friends, I've decided to pay them a visit. I miss them so much.. Safrinaz is going to move to Ipoh, Perak soon. So, I can't miss this hang-out for sure.

We all met up at SACC, Shah Alam, at around 1 o'clock. There's Amira, Saf, Najla, Leyya, Nick and Atiq. Ouh, Saf's BF, Danny was there too. We ate up at the Pizza Hut. And I swear I'm not going there anymore.

The services that they provide are so BAD. After my friends called the waiter/waitress a million times to take an order only then they'll serve you. The food will come an hour after that. Even Leyya couldn't have a taste of the meal because her mother has arrived to pick her up before the food are served. Ohh, pity her.

But, I adore Atiq / Nick( I can't remember) because he asked the waitress: " Why are the services that you provide here are very slow?" and the waitress put a fake smile on her face a few seconds and said: "Ohh, We have a little amount of workers here."

Yeah, right, I went there a couple of months before that and at that time the workers are still so few. And after a few months they still have a few of workers? Come on..
Well, I'm not going to that place anymore..!

Anyway, I still had a great time with my friends at that very moment. Just wish that I don't have to go home so soon at the end of the hang-out day.

Ohh, my feet totally hurts after I went window shopping all around SACC and PKNS with Amira.And, yes , I wore high heels. Ouchh! It hurts. Hehehe :D

Ouh, Sorry semua. We didn't take shots on the camera..

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

19 candles


Just wishing to my second big br0ther Hakeem, a great life.
May Allah always guide you into His blessings..

HAppy 19th Brithday Kimmy!!
(he doesn't like when i call him Kimmy :D)

On 18th of Syawal/October 2008, Saturday.

It doesn't taste so nice. Hehe, my bad mistake for choosing the cake. My very first bad mistake. Never done that before.. Im serious!
Sorry, Kimmy! But, my first big brother finished the cake anyways... :P

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The moment that I've been waiting for 3 years had come..


After 3 years of brain breaking trying to preparing myself for the

big exam which is P.M.R, had started on the last 13th of October.
Uncle Aziz or Dr. Aziz, had gave us a talk on how to memorize things easily on the early month of the year which was on January 2008.

3 days before P.M.R, he came by to give us the last talk before the big exam starts. I was so glad he actually came by to give us the last visit. He was so inspirational to me. And the way he talks doesn't bore me at all.So, yay!! :D

Uncle Aziz had told us to keep yourself as healthy as you can. Even a flu can effect your self during the exam. Drink water as many as you can. So, I did. But unfortunately, I fell sick 2 days before P.M.R. I got a flu, a headache, a fever then came by

diarrhoea / cirit-birit!!
I was so frustrated. But what to do, I just have to live with it until the exam is over.

The 1st day~

It was the BM paper 1&2 on the morning and Agama paper on the evening. BM's questions is kind of easy but doing it with a flu was quiet frustrating. I sneeze for quiet some time and I had a runny nose. And I was writing the essays!! Imagine how do I have to sneeze then I would have to wipe the mucus. Hehe. It takes time.

But, Alhamdulillah I can still cope with that situation..

The Agama's questions are quiet okay for me. It's just that I kind of forgot something that I just had recently memorize the day before that. And that pisses me-oFF! Because I knew the answer but I just couldn't remember what it was... :(

The 2nd day~

It was the English paper on the morning and Science paper on the evening. The English paper is

the most easiest questions among the 8 P.M.R papers. I love English so much! Hehe.

The science paper 1 is kind of difficult for me. Huh~ I hate it. Paper 2 is slightly okay from paper 1. But still, I am so afraid that what I've did was not the best that I've did before..

The 3rd day~

It was the Mathematics paper on the morning and Sejarah paper on the evening. The Mathematics paper 1 is hard! Especially the circles. I hate doing circles....

The paper 2 is much more easier..
The Sejarah paper is totally 70% difficult!! the other 30% : 10% is for the form 1 questions and 20% is for the form 3 questions.
I just wanted to cry at that very moment..huhuhuhuhuhuhu~

The 4th and the last day~

It was the K.Hidup paper and Geography paper. The K.Hidup is

easy !! Alhamdulillah.. I thought it was going to be the hard questions that came out but it turn out all the questions are mostly easy...

** I was so nervous before every paper starts..
The kind of fear that I have never felt before.

And yes, the flu, the fever and the headache were very active during all the exam's period...
My biggest sister told me that : " ala... your just having the P.M.R fever..After the exam's finishes, it will all go away.."
Yeah, right!! Until now the flu and the headache are still totally active , okay! My beautiful voice turned out sengau! haha. and I hate when that happens..

Anyway, let's continue our RAYA !!!
weeeeeeeeeeee~ exam's is 100% over ...! And now I can hang-out with my long time no see friends..!! Hooorayy! Assalammualaikum and Bye!!
Here's some of the pictures that was taken on the 1st and 2nd of Syawal/ October 2008. Raya, raya...

Me and my lil sister on the 1st of raya..

me on the 2nd of raya.

My cousins!!~

Azim, Iwan, Me, Shazlina, Sabrina(my lil sis)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The moment we'r happy, there's someone suffering..


23.8.08 -

Satu family gi Perak. 2nd Kazen Qis kawin. Gi kul 10 camtuh then smpi kul 2 lebey. But on da way gi saner, keta mama temperature die naik. ngee~ Qis yg pasan la,mekasih. But anyway kte org manage to smpai dgn slamat, Alhamdulillah. But panas coz off air con. Smpai wedding cam kol 2ptg, Qis jd photographer. Yup, amat memenatkan jd
photographer tau.Kejap2 lari sner, lari cni, ahaaha..

Okay jer ah wedding dorg. but yg besh nye dapat jumpe balik smua sedare2 yg da lame gyle tak jumpe. Yg dlu kecik2, i mean skula menengah skarang smua da beso & da kawen. Sedare yg belah ayah Qis mmg jarang jumpe coz jauh. But besh ah time kecik2 dlu coz ramai gilak berkumpul. Adik badik my dad der 9. bayang kan ah. dengan anak2 dorg agy.

Skang sume cam da tak rapat coz smua da der kluarge sendiri.Dlu kalu jumpe, mesti jerit coz excited sgt!! amek sedare Qis kt airport then nmpak dorg dari jauh da jeritttt!!! org laen sume tgk. ahaha. tapi skarang?? Jmpe, cume Senyum je. ahaaha..
agak sedey gak la. Byle jumpe cam xtau nk ckp pe, coz got nothing in common. Dorg sume like da msuk U, da kawen da kerja. Qis still skul, haiihh xtau nk ckp psl per. Cumer yg dorg suke ckp, eh, eh, da besa la skang!! dlu jumper kecik jek..

Anyway, still happy coz Qis da lmer terperok kt umah je, so skang like der la jenjalan gak..

24.8.09 -

Blk jer umah dari Perak, dlm kol 9mlm camtuh. Qis dpt sms. Dari my dearest BFF , Filzah, but Qis pggil die Filzz.. Die kater ayah die br je meninggal arinih, tengah hari. and im like so @_@ Innalillahiwainnalillahirajiu'n..Qis rase cam, BIG PAIN IN THE HEART!! walo pon die yg kehilangan ayah die, tapi, sum how qis terase sedih nye, and Qis teros sedekah an Al-Fatihah. Time tuh Filzz gi family day ngan ayah&mak die. ayah die jd committe kt event tuh. Then, ayah die nk present satu lagu and die kater, "Ini adalah lagu terakhir yg sy akan sampai kan.." Smua pn terkejut. Then, tak lama, ayah die rebah & menggigil. Lalu menghebus kn nafas terakhir di situ juga & di hadapan mata Filzz sendiri.

Bole tak kamu bayang kan apabila, esok kamu bangun jer dari tido, ayah kamu suda tiada lagi bersame kamu..Tiada lagi org yg nk marah kamu byle wat keja yg tak berfaedah (selain mak). Filzz akan menempuhi hidup nye tanpe ayah nya lagi. Puase tanpe ayah nya lagi dan raya tanpa ayah nya lagi. Filzz mahu semua kejadian itu terjadi hanya dlm mimpi nye saja. Bile die bukak mata, die mahu mimpi tersebut berakhir..
Tapi, Filzz kata, sebelum ayah die meninggal kan die, cam sebulan sbelum die pergi, ayah die berubah. ayah die jenis yg suke 'complaint' ( sorry 2say bkn nk mengumpat ye) tiba2 jadi org yg hanye berdiam diri. die juga dengan tiba2 nya mahu sedekah kain plekat & telekung kepada smua sedara2 nye yg ada( ramai tu!) Ayah nya juga kate, tahun nih die tak nak beli baju melayu baru, tapi isteri nya suruh beli juga.

After that day, which is hari isnin, Filzz tak datang skula. Sampai 3 ari die tak datang, Qis da mula risau.
Qis msg, tak balas,call asik tak dapat, lagi lah risau ann!! So, qis decide nk gi umah die if die tak datang juga ari khamis tuh.

Da wat plan ngan other BFF's Qis nk gi umah die. Tup, tup die dtg juga ari khamis tuh,Alhamdullillah, and yeah Qis mmg risau pasal die. coz die mmg rapat ngan ayah die. Die kater die still tak dapat terima, and I said, "sabar la, try slow2. Mesti klo ko jadi ayah ko, ko tak nak anak ko sedih camnih an, byler ko da pegi nanti.."

then, skang, Alhamdulillah die da smakin pulih.. Filzz!! I love u sesangat, kamu sabar ok, Allah akan menguji hambanya dengan ujian yg mampu ditanggung oleh hambanya. Dan, dan sy akan sentiase brade di samping kamu & menyokong kamu slame hidup sy. Kamu tak perlu risau ye.Muahxx

DAn, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini, untuk menyatakan how much i LOVE you daddy!! Baba, Tina(family pggil Qis, dgn nama Tina) syg sangat ngan Baba. Walaupun kte macam tak rapat, Tina still sayang Baba. Maafkan lah segala kesilapan Tina, Baba jangan pernah rasa yg Tina tak sayang Baba lagi hanya kerana Tina tak rapat ngan Baba seperti mane Tina rapat ngan Mama.Thanks for all that uve done, ur hard work, trying to find rezeki for us. that have gave us luxury in our lives.. ;*

Monday, 25 August 2008

Updates, updates..


Sorry, I haven't giving all of my updates to You. Yes, I'm still alive and healthy as usual. I just finished my 1st PMR trial before the school holidays. The questions is not as hard as I imagine it would be. Because everyone said that trial questions is much much harder that the real exam. Usually the 'asrama' will look at the trials marks rather than the real exam marks. Because the trial questions have a higher standard. But I really really really hope that my results will turn out okay rather than bad results that will only crush my heart into a million pieces.

But I'm really pist-oFF when there are 'soalan bocor'. I mean come on, it's just PMR !! And they are so proud because they can answer all the 'agame' paper 'smoothly' !!! Like, WTH ?? Why are they trying to let them selves turn into fools? They are just only going to score 'agame' in the PMR trial, and in PMR? What will they profit other than foolin they're selves? Hishhh!!

Anyway.. Good luck to all the PMR candidate! Just do your best and take a good care of your self. And for all of my blog readers that ain't taking PMR, please do pray for me and others :) MUAhx MUAhx MUAhx LOVE ya'll !!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Let me be closer to You..

Sometimes, I always felt like the world's not on my side. Feeling like I just don't know where to run to. Like I just don't know where to hide. Then, I would just gaze at the stars in the sky. Then came down the tears through my eyes. I would look for a reason, to replace what is gone. Then I realize that I was never alone..
I was never alone through my sad days, my happy days, my sorrow days and my grief days.. I just have to reach into my heart, and Allah is always there.

Every single day I pray, pray that U'll be with me every minute, every second, every moment of my life. Don't ever forget me, I beg You. Forgive me, for all that ive done, Every mistake, every sin that ive done every moment in my life since i was born. Give me Your light, give Your love, give me Your guidance, and don't ever leave me alone for i need You so so so much.

~You see this life is but a road. A straight and narrow path. To our final abode.
So travel well O Muslim and Paradise will be your home..

Mashaallah...The beautiful voice of this little boy really really melts my heart down..
He is Hasan Al ..Awadh Bur..iyyah Son of Shaykh Abdullah Al..Awadh Bur..iyyah Imaam of Masjid Al Eemaan bi Aziziyyah in Jiddah, KSA reciting Surah no. 36 Surah- Yassin.. myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Islam Comments myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Islam Comments

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Am I doing the right thing by Quiting?

I have been thinking to quit being a prefect. Why?
Because being a prefect pulls me away from my beloved friends. Since going through my probation weeks, I couldn't talk to them anymore.
You know how important your friends are during your sad days or when you are feeling down.

What my life would be without my precious little girls??
Maybe I can phone them and talk to them, but it's just not the same my days in school if I can't see or hang with them.
And it is only the 11th day since I'm a prefect. And it's been 13days since I have spoken to my BFFs..

Am I willing to let them go so that I can be a prefect? No! But the most important thing is that I don't want to burden my mom. I have to be in school before 6.55 a.m. That means I have to woke up by 5.40 a.m. So, by quiting and getting back to my old life would be better and wont burden my mom.

But good luck to my friends, Farah Shahida & Sharmini who are also in the probation. Don't be mad because I wouldn't quit if my mom could send me. It's not because of the pressure or because of the long long reports that have to write, Okay!! Hahaha..

****and my trial is coming!!! This 11th of august !! sooooooooo takowt!****

Saturday, 19 July 2008

japanese cultural day..!


Japanese Day..!
I went 2 the Japanese Cultural day On 12th of july at my school.I was so malas to go at 1st but then shazzy would kill me if I didnt go.So, there I was.Fooling around with my camera.Haha.It was so boring because shazzy and I were taking pictures since both of us are in the Photography Club.
There were a dozen of people there. Every school in every state that have Japanese club were in my school. Terengganu school, Kelantan, Johor, u name it.
But, I felt so pity and sorry for them because this year Japanese day was SO BORING and was filled with no joy or interest. They said last year was a blast, but I didn't go, so I wouldnt know.
Anyhow, I was very proud coz our school was chosen to be in the Berita Harian newspaper. Front page of the 'Skor' section which is the student section.Weeeee~ among all the schools that were also celebrating the Japanese Day, our school was the chosen one to have the exclusive report!


Me and Aisyah..

Monday, 14 July 2008

the pix ~

the dress ~

gorgeous dress.not sure what's the price. It looks better if your there :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

~ Cry, Baby Cry !!! ~

hye, wazzzzup?

EXAM ( Mon, Tues, Wed ) ~

@_@ Guys, this time I'm so damn serious. Today, my second ujian ends. My nightmare begins. This time the exam's questions are totally HARD except for english, B.M, geo, KH.. wait2. My science? uHHhhh, I'm dying lol!! Mr. Teh (science teacher) haven't even enter chapter 8. Chapter 7, only a few pages. Wasn't ujian supposed to be more easier than exams? Damn2 ! Okay, things won't change if I keep cursing. The regrets of not really struggling ENDS HERE. Full stop.

Cheer-Leading ;(

Bad news. I've been thinking. Been thinking to postpone a dream of mine to be a Cheer-Leader. Okay, go ahead and laugh if u want to. But, I've always always wanted to be one! I just don't really know why. Wait! Don't make your own prediction. I don't need one. ;) I'm too busy to give my full commitment. I'm too stress bout my studies and I couldn't handle it now if I still continue with my dream.

~ Prefect? ~

Yes. But, it's not confirmed. My class teacher, Mrs. Jamuna who chose me to be one. It's seems funny to me that she thinks I could be a prefect. But we'll never know what's coming ahead. So, I just go with the flow, and try my luck. I'm not putting too much hope that I'll be chosen but I'll be a prefect if I'm chosen :]

~ Mid Valley ~

I went to MV last friday, saturday and sunday. My mother decided to go to a 'Pameran Pengantin 2008'. So, I tagged along and went there too. It was fun. The dresses were damn damn Fabulous!! It was cheap too. Yes, much cheaper compared to the normal selling price. I saw this one gorgeous dress and the price is... RM500 plus with a skirt. It was a kebaya dress. Yes, RM500. But I thought it was RM800 or more than that. It's nice. But I didn't take the picture. @_@
Ohh yeaah, there's a group of guys that followed us everywhere we went that day.It's freaky all right. Imagine if me and my sister wondering all alone in MV. Ohh, it creeps me oFF !! Luckily my mum and my gorgeous aunt was there. But but they still freak me off lol!

Till then. Have a nice & lovely day :] Flying kisses~


Friday, 27 June 2008

The best 3 days I've spent !

I've just got back from the PROSTAR camp last week..
And it was the BEST camp I've ever been to..
The foods great, the place is nice, and most of all.. the facies ROX !!
I'm very2 grateful coz I've got to go.. weeee~
Hahaha.. I had so much fun ..
I named our group as ' the Fightersz !! ' coz we are .. duhh~
This was the camp I've contribute a lot to my group ( haha, prasan la deyy)

What I had to do and also had embarassed my self ..bwahaha~

  1. I was the chosen one to complete the task where I have to be the Raja Borong. haha Queen actually.. My group members decided to sell a shamp00..So, I did it. I did the BEST I could. I never stop talking and promoting the 'Fightersz Shamp00'. Everybody laughs..They told me, I ROX the task. muahaha~ Hell yeah, coz I love to act ! It was the best performance EVER !! But, my lil sis couldn't see my FABULOUS acting, coz she had to complete a task too..HUH~ to bad..
  2. Second task. Karaoke. DAMN. I had to sing in front all of the people there.. OH MY GOD I couldn't believe what I've done.. I sang a song called KENANGAN TERINDAH. HUh~ I'm lucky coz the song have low keys.. Everybody 'layan' the song and were waving their hands and enjoyed the song..haha.. My teacher told me I've got good voice( the teacher must be insane, sorry to say. haha ) but told me not to be an artist. I told her, I don't want to be, coz it's not my passion, to be one..
  3. Third task. Had to do a 'Boria' performance. I'm not the lead singer so, I was relieve.. I had to dance while singing with the other members. The performance was okay but the lead singer didn't follow the song's beat so, it's kind of hard for me to dance lorh...

So, this is the BEST 3 days I've spent there.. I just wish I could turn back the lovely time I had.. But as we all know we couldn't do it . Duh~ -_-

Here are some pix that one of my fasi had sent to me. abG afnn. THX muaahh! ;>

The FIGHTERSZ !! formal pose..

The FIGHTERSZ !! formal pose..

FIGHTERSZ !! in action ~ ^-^
FIGHTERSZ !! in action ~ ^-^

our faces shows our happiness right? coz we did have FUN the whole 3days we've been there darl !
our faces shows our happiness right? coz we did have FUN the whole 3days we've been there darl !

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Catching up ...[edited the errors in dis post (14 JUNE 2008 ) ]

~Catching up ...~

Assalammualaikum, hye !! updates updates.. >>here we go..

1.SUKMA~ weeeeeeeeeeeee...... Terengganu won!! ( i love Selangor too, but hey, Terengganu, tanah air ku, Tanah tumpahnya Darah ku..haha ) My sis got 2 bronze and Ashlea got 1 bronze. Congratz Congratz >>>> Photobucket

yeah, I'm so
proud some how.. duhh.. -_- of course im proud of them.. she's my sis and ash schools in MGS..heyyy!! keep up the good work! ;)
By the way, the school didn't announce Ash 's victory..'s totally not easy to be a successful athletes.Especially, when ur in form 5>> SPM ! So, appriciate her will yaa?! NO SEMANGAT SUKAN AT ALL!! -_-

But most of all, I'm sooo proud of my ZAbidi. Keep up ur GOOD work and I'll always be YOUR NO.1 fan.. even if u didn't get the gold medal, I'll still be ur MOST LOYAL FAN!
He took away a GOLD MEDAL..
The Olahraga(100m sprint)>>>>goes the fastest man, ZABIDI!! From, Terengganu. Let's pray that he would make Malaysia proud in Beijing 2008 Olympics..


2.EXAM RESULTS~ My percentage is increased by 1 percent my. The subjects that I'm good at, the marks drops. The subjects that I'm bad at, the marks increases. Should I be HAPPY or NOT ?? Of course I'm not.Try my best next time. Insyaallah, I will.Pray for me..Pls do..

3.CHEER-LEADING~Me and my friend just gave some suggestions about the Cheer competition today. They said that they're going to choose a Cheer squad by auditioning the whole squad which we have to form by our own. That means they choose the best squad, not the best cheer-leaders.Do you know what i mean? It's not fair. They should choose one by one or two by two or less than 15 people. So, they could see the most capable cheer-leaders. But they refuse to listen to us. How dreadful.. -_-

I'm going to Bukit Cherakah/Bukit Cahaya for a camp. Hope that they won't cancel it..I didn't go for camps for ages.. -_-
That's all for now, and have a great day than before...BYE !

Friday, 7 March 2008

the end of first torture of the year...

Assalammualaikum...hi ya'll !! hoyehhhh hoyehhh !! the first exam just end..! yeah..!! this year is the biggest stress I've ever felt !!! damn the pressure is going to my head..with all the home works,the folios which I have to make 3 folios!! one of it is geography..i hate to do geography folios!! with all the maps and all...haahhh...well, i don't want to know some of the results coz i knw, i didn't study the subject well..i did a really last minute study>>science,maths, that it??huh, i don't want to remember..hehe..but i can't wait to get my English and bahasa M. marks..! hope i scored it!

Okay, here's the things that i have to do in my precious holidays..>>>
  1. search for the geography folio stuff.
  2. search for the tudung salji stuff. (seni folio)
  3. search for the sejarah stuff.
  4. think and do a cheer-leading choreography.

Like it nor hate it, I have to face with all of this things..but I'm looking forward to create the cheer-leading routines..I hope I can do a blasting choreography! yeah, I hope..I know it's not easy. Nothing in this world is easy.Everything that we want to do or need to do, need some efforts..So guys and girls, start building the efforts as much as you can!
Peace !

Friday, 18 January 2008

keep-on cheer-ing..!!

assalammualaikum..hye..hmm..4all of those guys and girls who doesn't know, i've signed up 4 a cheer leading club..hehe..really can't wait to do the activities..woohhooooh..!! really lookin forward 2 do it..well,anyway i got my self some joint pains during rumah kuning practice,GOD it hurts !! and my skin is gettin darker..-_- Bev,lend me ur sunblock!! ;p

nxt week is my skul mrentas desa's day..huh.u knw what?! the teachers decided 2long-distance the path..huii..sooo malas 2go...

uh yeah back 2the exciting story, the cheer-leading stuff! they're gonna do a cheer-leading competition.and they gonna choose about 20 people.hope 2be one of those 20 un-supportive sister,yana, told me that im too old to be able to do all the flips and jumps..aahhaahh..believe me, i can..i hope i won't trip over and hurt my self..!ahah..but i don't think my school is goin 2 make us do some difficult stunts or tricks..i thinks so la..because they're just introduce it to our school..

i already thought about the costume.the skirts and all..but i'll be a sopan so excited right now,and i hope this thing will went well as i imagined.. uh yeah here's a video clip of a group of cheer-leaders from's sooo cool..and it looks so fun to be thrown up and down..Thailand is the only cheer-leaders that can cheer..i love..weeee..