Friday, 18 January 2008

keep-on cheer-ing..!!

assalammualaikum..hye..hmm..4all of those guys and girls who doesn't know, i've signed up 4 a cheer leading club..hehe..really can't wait to do the activities..woohhooooh..!! really lookin forward 2 do it..well,anyway i got my self some joint pains during rumah kuning practice,GOD it hurts !! and my skin is gettin darker..-_- Bev,lend me ur sunblock!! ;p

nxt week is my skul mrentas desa's day..huh.u knw what?! the teachers decided 2long-distance the path..huii..sooo malas 2go...

uh yeah back 2the exciting story, the cheer-leading stuff! they're gonna do a cheer-leading competition.and they gonna choose about 20 people.hope 2be one of those 20 un-supportive sister,yana, told me that im too old to be able to do all the flips and jumps..aahhaahh..believe me, i can..i hope i won't trip over and hurt my self..!ahah..but i don't think my school is goin 2 make us do some difficult stunts or tricks..i thinks so la..because they're just introduce it to our school..

i already thought about the costume.the skirts and all..but i'll be a sopan so excited right now,and i hope this thing will went well as i imagined.. uh yeah here's a video clip of a group of cheer-leaders from's sooo cool..and it looks so fun to be thrown up and down..Thailand is the only cheer-leaders that can cheer..i love..weeee..