Friday, 7 March 2008

the end of first torture of the year...

Assalammualaikum...hi ya'll !! hoyehhhh hoyehhh !! the first exam just end..! yeah..!! this year is the biggest stress I've ever felt !!! damn the pressure is going to my head..with all the home works,the folios which I have to make 3 folios!! one of it is geography..i hate to do geography folios!! with all the maps and all...haahhh...well, i don't want to know some of the results coz i knw, i didn't study the subject well..i did a really last minute study>>science,maths, that it??huh, i don't want to remember..hehe..but i can't wait to get my English and bahasa M. marks..! hope i scored it!

Okay, here's the things that i have to do in my precious holidays..>>>
  1. search for the geography folio stuff.
  2. search for the tudung salji stuff. (seni folio)
  3. search for the sejarah stuff.
  4. think and do a cheer-leading choreography.

Like it nor hate it, I have to face with all of this things..but I'm looking forward to create the cheer-leading routines..I hope I can do a blasting choreography! yeah, I hope..I know it's not easy. Nothing in this world is easy.Everything that we want to do or need to do, need some efforts..So guys and girls, start building the efforts as much as you can!
Peace !