Friday, 27 June 2008

The best 3 days I've spent !

I've just got back from the PROSTAR camp last week..
And it was the BEST camp I've ever been to..
The foods great, the place is nice, and most of all.. the facies ROX !!
I'm very2 grateful coz I've got to go.. weeee~
Hahaha.. I had so much fun ..
I named our group as ' the Fightersz !! ' coz we are .. duhh~
This was the camp I've contribute a lot to my group ( haha, prasan la deyy)

What I had to do and also had embarassed my self ..bwahaha~

  1. I was the chosen one to complete the task where I have to be the Raja Borong. haha Queen actually.. My group members decided to sell a shamp00..So, I did it. I did the BEST I could. I never stop talking and promoting the 'Fightersz Shamp00'. Everybody laughs..They told me, I ROX the task. muahaha~ Hell yeah, coz I love to act ! It was the best performance EVER !! But, my lil sis couldn't see my FABULOUS acting, coz she had to complete a task too..HUH~ to bad..
  2. Second task. Karaoke. DAMN. I had to sing in front all of the people there.. OH MY GOD I couldn't believe what I've done.. I sang a song called KENANGAN TERINDAH. HUh~ I'm lucky coz the song have low keys.. Everybody 'layan' the song and were waving their hands and enjoyed the song..haha.. My teacher told me I've got good voice( the teacher must be insane, sorry to say. haha ) but told me not to be an artist. I told her, I don't want to be, coz it's not my passion, to be one..
  3. Third task. Had to do a 'Boria' performance. I'm not the lead singer so, I was relieve.. I had to dance while singing with the other members. The performance was okay but the lead singer didn't follow the song's beat so, it's kind of hard for me to dance lorh...

So, this is the BEST 3 days I've spent there.. I just wish I could turn back the lovely time I had.. But as we all know we couldn't do it . Duh~ -_-

Here are some pix that one of my fasi had sent to me. abG afnn. THX muaahh! ;>

The FIGHTERSZ !! formal pose..

The FIGHTERSZ !! formal pose..

FIGHTERSZ !! in action ~ ^-^
FIGHTERSZ !! in action ~ ^-^

our faces shows our happiness right? coz we did have FUN the whole 3days we've been there darl !
our faces shows our happiness right? coz we did have FUN the whole 3days we've been there darl !

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Catching up ...[edited the errors in dis post (14 JUNE 2008 ) ]

~Catching up ...~

Assalammualaikum, hye !! updates updates.. >>here we go..

1.SUKMA~ weeeeeeeeeeeee...... Terengganu won!! ( i love Selangor too, but hey, Terengganu, tanah air ku, Tanah tumpahnya Darah ku..haha ) My sis got 2 bronze and Ashlea got 1 bronze. Congratz Congratz >>>> Photobucket

yeah, I'm so
proud some how.. duhh.. -_- of course im proud of them.. she's my sis and ash schools in MGS..heyyy!! keep up the good work! ;)
By the way, the school didn't announce Ash 's victory..'s totally not easy to be a successful athletes.Especially, when ur in form 5>> SPM ! So, appriciate her will yaa?! NO SEMANGAT SUKAN AT ALL!! -_-

But most of all, I'm sooo proud of my ZAbidi. Keep up ur GOOD work and I'll always be YOUR NO.1 fan.. even if u didn't get the gold medal, I'll still be ur MOST LOYAL FAN!
He took away a GOLD MEDAL..
The Olahraga(100m sprint)>>>>goes the fastest man, ZABIDI!! From, Terengganu. Let's pray that he would make Malaysia proud in Beijing 2008 Olympics..


2.EXAM RESULTS~ My percentage is increased by 1 percent my. The subjects that I'm good at, the marks drops. The subjects that I'm bad at, the marks increases. Should I be HAPPY or NOT ?? Of course I'm not.Try my best next time. Insyaallah, I will.Pray for me..Pls do..

3.CHEER-LEADING~Me and my friend just gave some suggestions about the Cheer competition today. They said that they're going to choose a Cheer squad by auditioning the whole squad which we have to form by our own. That means they choose the best squad, not the best cheer-leaders.Do you know what i mean? It's not fair. They should choose one by one or two by two or less than 15 people. So, they could see the most capable cheer-leaders. But they refuse to listen to us. How dreadful.. -_-

I'm going to Bukit Cherakah/Bukit Cahaya for a camp. Hope that they won't cancel it..I didn't go for camps for ages.. -_-
That's all for now, and have a great day than before...BYE !