Thursday, 31 July 2008

Am I doing the right thing by Quiting?

I have been thinking to quit being a prefect. Why?
Because being a prefect pulls me away from my beloved friends. Since going through my probation weeks, I couldn't talk to them anymore.
You know how important your friends are during your sad days or when you are feeling down.

What my life would be without my precious little girls??
Maybe I can phone them and talk to them, but it's just not the same my days in school if I can't see or hang with them.
And it is only the 11th day since I'm a prefect. And it's been 13days since I have spoken to my BFFs..

Am I willing to let them go so that I can be a prefect? No! But the most important thing is that I don't want to burden my mom. I have to be in school before 6.55 a.m. That means I have to woke up by 5.40 a.m. So, by quiting and getting back to my old life would be better and wont burden my mom.

But good luck to my friends, Farah Shahida & Sharmini who are also in the probation. Don't be mad because I wouldn't quit if my mom could send me. It's not because of the pressure or because of the long long reports that have to write, Okay!! Hahaha..

****and my trial is coming!!! This 11th of august !! sooooooooo takowt!****

Saturday, 19 July 2008

japanese cultural day..!


Japanese Day..!
I went 2 the Japanese Cultural day On 12th of july at my school.I was so malas to go at 1st but then shazzy would kill me if I didnt go.So, there I was.Fooling around with my camera.Haha.It was so boring because shazzy and I were taking pictures since both of us are in the Photography Club.
There were a dozen of people there. Every school in every state that have Japanese club were in my school. Terengganu school, Kelantan, Johor, u name it.
But, I felt so pity and sorry for them because this year Japanese day was SO BORING and was filled with no joy or interest. They said last year was a blast, but I didn't go, so I wouldnt know.
Anyhow, I was very proud coz our school was chosen to be in the Berita Harian newspaper. Front page of the 'Skor' section which is the student section.Weeeee~ among all the schools that were also celebrating the Japanese Day, our school was the chosen one to have the exclusive report!


Me and Aisyah..

Monday, 14 July 2008

the pix ~

the dress ~

gorgeous dress.not sure what's the price. It looks better if your there :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

~ Cry, Baby Cry !!! ~

hye, wazzzzup?

EXAM ( Mon, Tues, Wed ) ~

@_@ Guys, this time I'm so damn serious. Today, my second ujian ends. My nightmare begins. This time the exam's questions are totally HARD except for english, B.M, geo, KH.. wait2. My science? uHHhhh, I'm dying lol!! Mr. Teh (science teacher) haven't even enter chapter 8. Chapter 7, only a few pages. Wasn't ujian supposed to be more easier than exams? Damn2 ! Okay, things won't change if I keep cursing. The regrets of not really struggling ENDS HERE. Full stop.

Cheer-Leading ;(

Bad news. I've been thinking. Been thinking to postpone a dream of mine to be a Cheer-Leader. Okay, go ahead and laugh if u want to. But, I've always always wanted to be one! I just don't really know why. Wait! Don't make your own prediction. I don't need one. ;) I'm too busy to give my full commitment. I'm too stress bout my studies and I couldn't handle it now if I still continue with my dream.

~ Prefect? ~

Yes. But, it's not confirmed. My class teacher, Mrs. Jamuna who chose me to be one. It's seems funny to me that she thinks I could be a prefect. But we'll never know what's coming ahead. So, I just go with the flow, and try my luck. I'm not putting too much hope that I'll be chosen but I'll be a prefect if I'm chosen :]

~ Mid Valley ~

I went to MV last friday, saturday and sunday. My mother decided to go to a 'Pameran Pengantin 2008'. So, I tagged along and went there too. It was fun. The dresses were damn damn Fabulous!! It was cheap too. Yes, much cheaper compared to the normal selling price. I saw this one gorgeous dress and the price is... RM500 plus with a skirt. It was a kebaya dress. Yes, RM500. But I thought it was RM800 or more than that. It's nice. But I didn't take the picture. @_@
Ohh yeaah, there's a group of guys that followed us everywhere we went that day.It's freaky all right. Imagine if me and my sister wondering all alone in MV. Ohh, it creeps me oFF !! Luckily my mum and my gorgeous aunt was there. But but they still freak me off lol!

Till then. Have a nice & lovely day :] Flying kisses~