Monday, 25 August 2008

Updates, updates..


Sorry, I haven't giving all of my updates to You. Yes, I'm still alive and healthy as usual. I just finished my 1st PMR trial before the school holidays. The questions is not as hard as I imagine it would be. Because everyone said that trial questions is much much harder that the real exam. Usually the 'asrama' will look at the trials marks rather than the real exam marks. Because the trial questions have a higher standard. But I really really really hope that my results will turn out okay rather than bad results that will only crush my heart into a million pieces.

But I'm really pist-oFF when there are 'soalan bocor'. I mean come on, it's just PMR !! And they are so proud because they can answer all the 'agame' paper 'smoothly' !!! Like, WTH ?? Why are they trying to let them selves turn into fools? They are just only going to score 'agame' in the PMR trial, and in PMR? What will they profit other than foolin they're selves? Hishhh!!

Anyway.. Good luck to all the PMR candidate! Just do your best and take a good care of your self. And for all of my blog readers that ain't taking PMR, please do pray for me and others :) MUAhx MUAhx MUAhx LOVE ya'll !!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Let me be closer to You..

Sometimes, I always felt like the world's not on my side. Feeling like I just don't know where to run to. Like I just don't know where to hide. Then, I would just gaze at the stars in the sky. Then came down the tears through my eyes. I would look for a reason, to replace what is gone. Then I realize that I was never alone..
I was never alone through my sad days, my happy days, my sorrow days and my grief days.. I just have to reach into my heart, and Allah is always there.

Every single day I pray, pray that U'll be with me every minute, every second, every moment of my life. Don't ever forget me, I beg You. Forgive me, for all that ive done, Every mistake, every sin that ive done every moment in my life since i was born. Give me Your light, give Your love, give me Your guidance, and don't ever leave me alone for i need You so so so much.

~You see this life is but a road. A straight and narrow path. To our final abode.
So travel well O Muslim and Paradise will be your home..

Mashaallah...The beautiful voice of this little boy really really melts my heart down..
He is Hasan Al ..Awadh Bur..iyyah Son of Shaykh Abdullah Al..Awadh Bur..iyyah Imaam of Masjid Al Eemaan bi Aziziyyah in Jiddah, KSA reciting Surah no. 36 Surah- Yassin.. myspace graphic comments
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