Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm sweating :D


Wow. This few days back are really HOT!! Some rashes seem to appear. Itchy, sweating, dehydration, bored, annoyed, you name it. I've been staying at home and didn't bother to go out.

Reading novels doesn't help. Watching TV doesn't help. Listening to music and singing had help me. But still, I'm feeling frustrated and couldn't control my temper for no reasons.

Wait, it might be because of the high temperature and the hot weather.
Could it be? I don't really know but I'll keep praying it'll rain soon so that it could wash away all the madness in me.

It's funny but I'm feeling absolutely irritating when my mood changes when I don't want it to happen at that very moment. I'm worrying about something that I don't actually know what and why.

Oh, Ya' Allah, please let the rain come down and cools down the earth.. We need it. I need it. May Allah always bless us with His love and care no matter what. I need it. We all do. Ice cream is now my best of friend. Chocolate Ice Cream<3<3>

Saturday, 25 October 2008

shopping for Deepavali?


Today, Me, my mother and kak Zura (mycousin) went to the Indian Town in Klang. My mom wanted to buy some Punjabi suit, Saree for her Wedding Boutique and a few bangles. Because during festivals, the sales gets cheaper, half of the real price!

It was 10PM and the crowd are going crazy! The cars parks beside the roads where the stores are a few miles away. And so did we. I had to walk a few miles until my feet hurts. The whole road are packed with people!

But the most funny thing on that day is that all of the people there are like STARING at us like we are NAKED ! They must be so anxious why the hell does there's Malay ladies walking around shopping for Deepavali. Hahaha. Its like its the weirdest thing they ever saw. But I have to agree that the salesman/woman were so nice to us. They gave us special prices for the things we bought. We ended our shopping at 1.00AM. Its was a very interesting experience I had on that particular day.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

SACC last tuesday 21.10.2008

After a very, very long period of time, I haven't seen my beloved friends, I've decided to pay them a visit. I miss them so much.. Safrinaz is going to move to Ipoh, Perak soon. So, I can't miss this hang-out for sure.

We all met up at SACC, Shah Alam, at around 1 o'clock. There's Amira, Saf, Najla, Leyya, Nick and Atiq. Ouh, Saf's BF, Danny was there too. We ate up at the Pizza Hut. And I swear I'm not going there anymore.

The services that they provide are so BAD. After my friends called the waiter/waitress a million times to take an order only then they'll serve you. The food will come an hour after that. Even Leyya couldn't have a taste of the meal because her mother has arrived to pick her up before the food are served. Ohh, pity her.

But, I adore Atiq / Nick( I can't remember) because he asked the waitress: " Why are the services that you provide here are very slow?" and the waitress put a fake smile on her face a few seconds and said: "Ohh, We have a little amount of workers here."

Yeah, right, I went there a couple of months before that and at that time the workers are still so few. And after a few months they still have a few of workers? Come on..
Well, I'm not going to that place anymore..!

Anyway, I still had a great time with my friends at that very moment. Just wish that I don't have to go home so soon at the end of the hang-out day.

Ohh, my feet totally hurts after I went window shopping all around SACC and PKNS with Amira.And, yes , I wore high heels. Ouchh! It hurts. Hehehe :D

Ouh, Sorry semua. We didn't take shots on the camera..

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

19 candles


Just wishing to my second big br0ther Hakeem, a great life.
May Allah always guide you into His blessings..

HAppy 19th Brithday Kimmy!!
(he doesn't like when i call him Kimmy :D)

On 18th of Syawal/October 2008, Saturday.

It doesn't taste so nice. Hehe, my bad mistake for choosing the cake. My very first bad mistake. Never done that before.. Im serious!
Sorry, Kimmy! But, my first big brother finished the cake anyways... :P

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The moment that I've been waiting for 3 years had come..


After 3 years of brain breaking trying to preparing myself for the

big exam which is P.M.R, had started on the last 13th of October.
Uncle Aziz or Dr. Aziz, had gave us a talk on how to memorize things easily on the early month of the year which was on January 2008.

3 days before P.M.R, he came by to give us the last talk before the big exam starts. I was so glad he actually came by to give us the last visit. He was so inspirational to me. And the way he talks doesn't bore me at all.So, yay!! :D

Uncle Aziz had told us to keep yourself as healthy as you can. Even a flu can effect your self during the exam. Drink water as many as you can. So, I did. But unfortunately, I fell sick 2 days before P.M.R. I got a flu, a headache, a fever then came by

diarrhoea / cirit-birit!!
I was so frustrated. But what to do, I just have to live with it until the exam is over.

The 1st day~

It was the BM paper 1&2 on the morning and Agama paper on the evening. BM's questions is kind of easy but doing it with a flu was quiet frustrating. I sneeze for quiet some time and I had a runny nose. And I was writing the essays!! Imagine how do I have to sneeze then I would have to wipe the mucus. Hehe. It takes time.

But, Alhamdulillah I can still cope with that situation..

The Agama's questions are quiet okay for me. It's just that I kind of forgot something that I just had recently memorize the day before that. And that pisses me-oFF! Because I knew the answer but I just couldn't remember what it was... :(

The 2nd day~

It was the English paper on the morning and Science paper on the evening. The English paper is

the most easiest questions among the 8 P.M.R papers. I love English so much! Hehe.

The science paper 1 is kind of difficult for me. Huh~ I hate it. Paper 2 is slightly okay from paper 1. But still, I am so afraid that what I've did was not the best that I've did before..

The 3rd day~

It was the Mathematics paper on the morning and Sejarah paper on the evening. The Mathematics paper 1 is hard! Especially the circles. I hate doing circles....

The paper 2 is much more easier..
The Sejarah paper is totally 70% difficult!! the other 30% : 10% is for the form 1 questions and 20% is for the form 3 questions.
I just wanted to cry at that very moment..huhuhuhuhuhuhu~

The 4th and the last day~

It was the K.Hidup paper and Geography paper. The K.Hidup is

easy !! Alhamdulillah.. I thought it was going to be the hard questions that came out but it turn out all the questions are mostly easy...

** I was so nervous before every paper starts..
The kind of fear that I have never felt before.

And yes, the flu, the fever and the headache were very active during all the exam's period...
My biggest sister told me that : " ala... your just having the P.M.R fever..After the exam's finishes, it will all go away.."
Yeah, right!! Until now the flu and the headache are still totally active , okay! My beautiful voice turned out sengau! haha. and I hate when that happens..

Anyway, let's continue our RAYA !!!
weeeeeeeeeeee~ exam's is 100% over ...! And now I can hang-out with my long time no see friends..!! Hooorayy! Assalammualaikum and Bye!!
Here's some of the pictures that was taken on the 1st and 2nd of Syawal/ October 2008. Raya, raya...

Me and my lil sister on the 1st of raya..

me on the 2nd of raya.

My cousins!!~

Azim, Iwan, Me, Shazlina, Sabrina(my lil sis)