Friday, 14 November 2008

The sleepless nights of the loneliness.


Like the title? yesss. I still aren't able to sleep during the nights. Plus, I began to feel lonely, cause my sisters fell asleep before me( I wanted to irritate them ) So, I've got no one to irritate. Pity, pity me.
But then, I've got the chance to finish my novels reading, yay =)

Just bought at school before PMR. I can't stop myself from buying these books cause of the discounts they offered =) ngee!

An urgent message of wowness. I love this one. The story's about a girl who thought all of her family members are perfect except for herself.
But after an incident happens, everything changes..
jeng jeng jeng!! muahaha!!

The cover is damn cool.
with the bling2 and the author is gorgeous too =) Published on 2007.

Little Secrets, playing with fire by Emily Blake. I like this one too. There's four series of books. Just finished the 1st one. Going to buy the next 3 books.

Her mother’s in jail. Her best friend betrayed her.
Loyal friend. Bitter Rival. Let the drama begin?
Published on 2006.

The twilight's movie is going to come out. But, I still haven't got my hands on the Twilights book '-_-

P/s like my new blog skin? ngee~
Just feeling like changing it.

Hugs & Kisses.
Getting through my down days.
I hope I'm not feeling to down though, drowning. Need oxygen..

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

what's the deal?


Now, it's exactly 4.00a.m. And I decided to express my self in my blog. I couldn't sleep early these days.
I just couldn't. Usually, I'll sleep after I prayed solat Subuh. All I could think of to make me sleepy are singing to my favorite songs these days(not so loud because everyone are sleeping,the.. -_- ), blogging and reading my new novels that I haven't touch after I bought em before PMR.

I'm so bored sitting at home, stuck with my "adorable" siblings. Yeah. rightttt..."adorable" stands up for "annoying"
It's a normal thing if your always annoyed with your siblings and it's fun to make your siblings feeling annoyed. I like to do crazy things just to make my self happy and less stress/ stress free!!
(and now my sisters will read this and saying-ohhh~)
(or they'll just think maybe I'm crazy)

Anyways, making my siblings feel annoyed is kind of a boring thing to do now, since I'd do it most of the time. And that means, I'm stress most of the time too. Huh, what to do.

Anyways, last past week, I went to a mamak stall to have a dinner with my mom, my Lil sis, my cousin and my friend. I'm the one who asked to eat there, because I 'mengidam roti pisang' haha. I'm turning to my older sis, coz she's the one who's always 'mengidam' all the time.

Back to the story, there were a bunch of guys sitting in front of us whose sitting in a circle. Like they were looking at something, at his phone, maybe. Like they were looking at something because they were totally 'khusyuk'.
I acted like usual, laughing and making jokes with them[ excluded my mom and kak zura( my other cousin)] But suddenly I felt like the bunch of boys were like looking at me. You know, the creepy feeling. But I ignored them coz what the heck, lantak la kan.

Then, my sis is like, "wey, dorg amik gamba ko la" and I'm like "yeke?"
Like being cool coz I thought they were like snapping a picture of me once. But then I realize they were snapping more than once. Like lots of more. I was like malas nak tgk muka dorg like, yuck!! wth la dorg ni. Ingat sesuka hati nak amik picca orang an. Like tade keja ke ape. Sengal gyle.

At first like I think maybe they were taking shots of all of us. But my sis strictly said, " No! he's focusing at your face!"
And I'm like wth??! ta bole bla. huh! hate them. hated that day. Can't I have my delicious 'roti pisang' in peace and harmony?? adoyaii!

Okay. I'm still mad. haha. until now. If I can turn back to that exact time, First, I would 'pandang kerek' and secondly, I would say, " wth is your bloody problem??" I wanted to say that, but unfortunately my mom suddenly said : "okay, lets go home.." And I'm like -_- ..

And guys, to free my self from these stress things I had to deal with, or maybe lighten a bit of stress, I'm going to watch movies, movies! But, I'm not going to watch High School Musical 3. Not that I hated to watch it, since I watch the HSM 1&2 too. It's just that, I don't think I wanted to imagine my self as a fanatic of the movie. And I definitely not going to watch it after reading some reviews that aren't so good.

What ever la. There a lots of other movies. haha :D

Songs that are recently 'Layan-ing' by me =)

Kate Perry - Hot N cold
Peterpan - mana sally
Peterpan - Kisah cintaku ( yeah, I know, jiwang much kan ^-^ )
David Archuleta - crush
T.I feat Rihanna - Live your life ( T.I is looking so HOT on the video. Oh, wait, he'd always looked hot before! haha. likes him ^_^ )
hot korean guy =) - Love story

Hug and kisses,

Thursday, 6 November 2008

will the excitement begin?


Arini, last day kite org ( dak2 form 3 ) sekolah. Yayyy!! Sekolah da abes!
So, me and my beloved fwens, pulun habis-habisan talking about everything yang boleh di kongsi bersama.Wow! We never stop talking until the school ends!

Ade je yg nak dicerita. Best gilak!! Anyways, Shazzy da apply msuk asrama gi pahang. huhu.. sedih gilak. die kate Xtau la dpt ke X. Tengok results.

As for me, I think I'm gonna stay in that school. Despite the feeling of bored and tired about the whole school, I think I should stay?.
Malas nak masuk asrama. Hmm, but I dont know if next year will be a blast for me..

Anyways, malas nak fikir dulu la.haha.

These are some of the pictures for you to enjoy watching. I hope you do =)

These are Shazzy & Filzah. <3>Hahahahaha!!! This is me. Trying Shazzy's specs. Oh, I'm looking like nanny!! Grandma. haha.

hehe. Shazzy-sleepy head! Filzah-Drama Queen.

Same goes too me. haha. I'm a Drama Queen too. So, we'r like twins right my babe? haha.
Signing Out! Hugs And kisses~
Till then.
Bye :D