Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Turn Over a New Leaf


Tomorrow is a new year. I'm turning into a new page. May Allah bless our lives with His Love & His blessings, Amin...

Turning me into a better person than yesterday, and the day before that. I'm hoping for a successful life.

I can't wait to start schooling again, see my friends, and to be learning again.
To forget and try to let go of the past, so it won't be haunting me again any sooner nor forever.

No matter how much you fail, don't ever give up my fellow readers. A true Islam believer will always know that with Allah by their side there is nothing but hope.

Our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said:
“Do'a is the weapon of the Believer”.

Bye =)

A Sad day Yesterday, A Happy day Today =)


I'm going to be happy for today,
coz today, is Apeace's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday my Dear =)
May Allah always guide you into His blessings, giving you a great and a very successful life =) myspace graphic comments

bye =)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Be a human


I wanna scratch this pain off my chest. I don't wanna cry about something that I can't change. I gotta let go, I wanna be free. I'm still recovering my self from my sadness.

On the hand, I'm sooooooooooo proud of my friends,
i'm happy for you guys and keep it up, and may God bless u always =)

MGS Klang friends =)
1. Nadia - 7A's
2.Ai leen - 7A's
3.Bev - 6A's ( i know ur sad, but still, I'm proud of you, just don't look back)
4. Shazzy - 5A's

SMK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam friends =)
1. Deena - 7A's
2.Mira - 6A's
3.Atiq - 4A's
4. Saffy - 2A's

I'm happy for all of you,

Let us all study as hard as we can next year and in form five.
InsyaAllah, We'r going to succeed in the future =)

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Soon, The moment of truth reveals.


This 30th of Dec, all of us shall know. Some of us, work so hard.
Some of us, just act like nothing is happening.
All of us are so nervous. Anxious to know what we've got after all those efforts, all those learning.

We might even cry, I might even cry, but the question is, are we going to shed some tears over something we are happy about or otherwise?

Sleepless nights, too scared to even think about what the results might turn out like.

Everybody's nervous, I'm nervous too. Wanna puke.
Wanna turn the time back when we are at the first day in school.
Wish we could study harder, but we can't.

The time's running, it's hard to breath, the BIG DAY is almost here :s
The PMR results are coming out..

God, oh, God, The Almighty, Allah, please help me. Make me strong.
Make me feel calm.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

The other pix =)

Ehee. Me, going through the river.
There were a lot of rocks and Im on my feet,with no shoes on!

Ngee~ I got my self cut. It hurts! Can u see, the blue color on my foot? yeah, I got that as a souvenir during the trip.

Hugs & flying kisses.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Green is what.....? Green is good =)


Wow, what a blast!! when I said at my previous post, I'll go to a waterfall 'soon' I mean that I went to the waterfall today!!
After Subuh, my brother(Haziq) told me that "I'm going to the waterfalls today, u wanna join me??" and I said a big,big YESSSSS!!!! "Of course I wanna join you" ^_^

We got out of the house at 7.30 and went to McD for breakfast at gombak. Haha.
We got lost, I mean, my two brothers got lost at 10.30am(coz they are the one who looked for the directions) =)
We were supposed to arrive there in about 20mins but we got lost. And went into Pahang twice but it was the wrong road. We even payed the toll rm15 because we went through the road 3 times!!

We arrived at the jungle at 1.10pm. Yeah. I know, 4hours in the car, what a pain in the butt!! Hahaha =)
But, heyyy, we finally here!!!! so, yayyy!

I had a really2 great time. It is an experience that u can't trade with anything else.
Praise to Allah, what an amazing creation, Subhanallah..

Here are some shots that are taken by my second brother Hakeem =)

My biggest brother, Haziq, is leading the jungle tracking.
Thanks bro, if not for you, we won't make it =)

My sister(at the back) & me are going through the big bush.
Look out for the leeches, because they can bite you and you won't even notice it.
I've been bit by five leeches. It's my first experience being bit by an animal called leech. I was always lucky and never end up being bit by a leech in other jungle tracking activities before. Well, it's not that bad, I kind of like it. haha.

My second big brother Hakeem, my sister & me.
We are in front of a big tunnel.
We got a long way to go!

Pisang Fall.. I don't know why does this fall called Pisang(banana),
well, it doesn't look like a pisang?
The water is soooooooo cold.
It's like freezing cold.

Its a nice place. The jungle tracking took about 30mins. But remember not to simply throw rubbish in the jungle. I felt so mad when i saw a few rubbish here and there. huh. those people... -_-

Uh, yeah, I haven't upload
a few pix coz my internet is a little bit slow.
I'll upload it later yeah =)

Hugs & flying kisses~

let's get nature everybody =) loving the green<3

Assalammualaikum =)
Hi, my lovers =]

The past two days:
uh, yeah. The weather is cold.
it's nice to feel some low temperature surroundings sometimes. Cold weather makes me feel not so fully stress. Haha.

There's a lot of things that are happening out there. Flood, the land collapse. This, that. Uh. I hate them. They who make those things happen.
Those who are responsible for all the cause that makes the earth suffers.
I hate them. Can't they just leave the earth alone in peace?
Can't they see that the earth is just too old and are unable to face their foolishness actions ????

Anyway, My brother are planning to go to a waterfall in a jungle with me. huhhhh, I can't wait!! :D weeeeeeeeee~ let's go and see the nature while enjoying Allah's amazing yet beautiful creation.. =)

This is the Pisang Fall. But I took it from the net. I'm going there soon enough and I'll show you my own shots, InsyaAllah =)

hugs & kisses =)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I heart him =)


I can hardly breath when he talks. He's just so hot. Hehe.
He is Edward Cullen. Watched Twilight zillion of times. It doesn't bore me at all. And I'm getting pretty addicted to his character. I think I'm going to watch the movie until the premier is over on the 10th of December. Haha. I'm serious!! =)

The movie was great. But, yeah, of course the book is better. Rob Pattinson is so hot kan?
He had acted a tons of movies. Such as Harry Potter. But, I think he shines the most in Twilight =) I dreamed of him right after seeing him in the cinema ;) U can bite me anytime Edward =) hahahahaha!!

I keep saying, comel nye.... while seeing the movie in the theater. Some people are like looking at me, but I don't care! Haha.

I think I'm going to follow his new movies in the future, but I know he wouldn't be as adorable in the Twilight movie.

He even sang for the Twilight OST album. The song is not that great.
But, his voice is kind of okay =)

Anyway, he was born in London, uhh, British guy la rupe nye =)
I think he terlepas cakap a word with the British accent! In the woods when Edward reveals that he is a vampire and showing Bella some of his speed moves. Haha. That's okay though.

Here's some funny video =) Wait until : 1:07 His expression is just so funny!!
Bite me, bite anytime okay !! :D

Hugs & kisses =)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

do i like babies?


Okay. Yes I like babies. I love babies. They're just so adorable especially when they smile. And make me go,ohh, so cute!

My hot aunty just gave birth to a baby girl named Anessa on the last 8th of October 2008. I stayed at her house for 10 days to clean up her house coz her house was recently renovated.
yeaah, I know. so rajin of me =)

but, oh, Anessa is so cute. I love her & and I think she loves me too coz she'll smile when ever i hold and talk to her =D

I've taken care a lot of babies actually. I mean for a while la. Not for the whole day. Coz they look very cute & very innocent in the 1st hour and then they'll bully me.
( most of the kids who are 2 years old and above )

That's why I prefer babies coz they couldn't talk and if they cries, we can calm him/her down. Where as a 2 year old kids can talk non stop! haha. But I still like kids la.

But, most of all, I love my little babies. Cats :D They're just adorable. But they like to poop a lot though. haha.
nasib baik comel an. klo x ..hisshh! hehe.

little babies :D

Anessa is sleeping on my lap =)

sleeppy2 nessa

My puffy when he was 2 days old. he was born on the 6th of october 2008.

hugs & kisses =)