Saturday, 28 February 2009

Will I have my true friends here in mgs??


I am trying to bring all of the pieces of my heart back together.
I just went to the dentist today to change my braces.
so now, my heart hurts+my teeth = i don't know which hurts more!!
How ever it is, it still does hurts!

Today was supposed to be a happy day for me.
Going to koko, meeting my friends, having fun,
laughing+gedik time (yg sopan,haha)
but everything goes wrong when
F sends me a msg telling me that I was "only layan"
my other friends & that I was ignoring her and S .

And I was like : WTH ?
Was it my fault that I haven't seen
my cousins & my other friends in a long time?
And that I want to update my stories & have
a normal quality time with them?
Was it my fault that u and S didn't want
to help yourselves by just befriending with them too?
Is too hard to understand me, and to have a bigger heart?

F & S , I am so sorry if I was hurting or still hurting your feelings.
But I just can't deal with all of those "fight"
because of those "sensitive" issues that are not so sensitive.

Have I ever been mad at you if at one time you were "not layaning" me?
Try and refresh back.
I was always trying to be a good friend for you.
I know I am not even close to being a perfect friend.
At least I tried to be.

But it seems that 3 years of friendship haven't been making us even closer like the best of friends, or friends forever is it?

I am so sad because I always feel that we are not acting like we are the best of friends.
The best friends that I feel I have are my younger sister,my cousins.
Even my sister's friends seems acting like I am their best friends.
At least that's what I feel.

My heart is slowly breaking into pieces.
I am missing my old best friends.
And I just wish that a miracle appears
and take me back to my old school and
Have my old friends back
Or at least I just wish that I can study at my old school.

Even though that we might not be as close as we used too,
at least they are here with me.
We can make it happen.
We can be the best of friends again..

Note for myself :
quit wishing for something that won't come true.
My heart will hurt more.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Focus is the main thing !!


I haven't got much time. My exam is NEXT WEEK!!
Focus, focus and focus is what I need for the moment.
I hope, everything will turn out well. Yea, InsyaAllah :) Yola, takot jugak, Add maths yg mmg memusing kan kepala!!
haha :D

Wishing to all of you out there, gud luck for your exams, tak kisah lah primary, secondary and high schools, colleges, universities and driving schools as well :D Smoge semua nye b'jalan dgn lancar ek, InsyaAllah.

After exam, My second important thing is .. my
English Oral Test!! My speech is about 2 page long ! Hope to get an almost full marks ! Yes, what a big dream ek? haha.

And the next important thing is Bola Baling. Ms skula rendah, standard 6 adela la gak wat training bola baling. I love bola baling. I am not so into net ball. Entah lah, net ball mcm sedikit bosan. Furthermore, I am schooling in girl school kn, so the main sport is Net Ball. Dah packed sangat net ball players, susah nk menyelit masuk dlm team skula uh, ehehe.

That's all yg ade dlm perancangan kot :)

Tata for now ek korg,

hw byk lah, haha :D

flying kisses :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

I Miss You :)


It's been a long time yea, I miss you guys so much, I meant writing here :)
I have Been Busy, busy & busy all week !!

  • Jadi Pelarian.
1 whole week ade ping pong competition, and my class is beside the hall, so, Qis kena change classes every 1/2 period ! Penat gyle sehh, ! Qis round satu skola tuka2 kelas bwk bag yg smemang nye berat -_-

  • Tons Of Home Work!
teraMat lah banyak homework daku -_- yg Qis cpat2 siapkn Adalah english :D sekian time kasih, haha.

  • Oral Tests / presentation !
Let's see my no. giliran :)
no. 18 for english oral test/presentation & for BM, no. 42.
Haaish, yg senang no. 42 & yg susah no. 18. For english I am doing on Twilight :D :D and on BM Qis akn buat tentang persahabatan :) Korg, pray that everything will turn out alright yea ? :)
I am trying as hard as I can to look good/great in front of my english teacher, because I looove english ! :D

  • Slept at Bazz house for 3 days.
Besttttt banget tido rumah Bazz. She's my cousin, and this is my 1st time experience sleeping in her house. yea, sad eyy ?? her house is a bit kampung, but I like it so damn much ! she has her own kebun and I ate a lot of her cheries ! nyum2. but, Qis kena serbu ngan dak2 guys kt sane, mintak no. Qis. kte org nk maen badminton pn tak sng kn bazz ? haha yup, Qis bg my no. - 999 tepon la klo nk bkenalan :D haha conform Qis angkat !

Shameen VS Bazzz ! spe mng? entah, xigt . haha.

Aksi ganazzzz Qis menyambut bola yg dilemparkn oleh Bazzz ! haha. Agak2 Qis dpt xbola uh?
haha, mesty la dpt :P
Bazzz & Shameen posing maut ke? haha. nih dlm bilik bazz.

Nih anak sape la yg brangan nih? haha stelah penat beradu tenaga menentang Chong Wei dlm perlawanan badminton, kini tibe mase nye kite mencuci mate? hahaha :P

Last but not least, nk tinggal kn rumah org, kte perlu lah mengemas ape yg patut. Hahaha.
Qis yg konon nye menunjukkan rajin nye, :P

That's all for now .
gud bye :)