Saturday, 25 April 2009

I love you adam lambert :)

Hi :)

Okay, I love Adam Lambert !
He's an american idol contestant season 8.
ahhhhh, he sings beautifully !

This is my personal favourite :) singing live:

But, yea, people thinks he's gay coz
there's a lot of pix out there that show's maybe he's a gay.
But, I don't really care, I am only adoring he's voice. haha :P

Here's another american idol contestant, Kris Allen.
Well, first of all, he's not gay. haha.
But he's hot !
I love this guy before I love Adam :)

This is him :)

Here's a live version.
singing Falling slowly.
this is my fav jugeeeee :)

I just love dorg :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

out for movies with them


A morning movie watch in JJ Bkt Tggi?
never done by me before, until now.


And I was like : Heyy, tgk siang ape barang weyh, xseram lah.

After I watch the movie, I changed my mind!!!

Becoz the movie was soooooo scary.
Yes it was, and I was shocked becoz it's a fact. haha.
Much much better than Jangan Pandang Belakang.
Good job Pieere Andre !!

When the movie starts, I tend to hold (cousins)Baz & Opie's hands as quickly as I can!
And so did they(cousins).
fyi I didn't close my eyes okayh :D

Hahaha, I made some jokes here & there out loud,
that other people can hear it too,
and they laughed, haha XD
Hebaaat :P

my Rate for this movie - 4 and a half stars baby!
Seraaam+funny !

Note to self: camne nk tido mlm niey weyh? hahaha :D

After the movie, we're headed straight to the mamak's .

Opie and me posing for the camera,
while ignoring the guys who are trying to flirt us, haiyarkkk XD

Peace out from me :)

Stay Healty, gorgeous and smart okayh guys+ladies :)

xoxo :D

Friday, 10 April 2009

The little secrets

heyya !

Everybody have their own secrets. Including me ^-^
What I am about to tell you is my little secrets,
Well, not actually secrets for some people that are close to me :)
Obviously, these are not my secrets like for real, coz if it is, I won't tell ya kn?

Lets see. what am I about to reveal to all of you my fellow readers :

1. I burp out loud like super loud and my Bro-Haziq calls my burp-Bunyi puaka.

haha. But eventually, in front of a crowd, my burping sounds slower.
Hmm, weird. Coz I am not controlling it.

2. I am a total greedy person when it comes to lending my friends my English story books/novels+English essays .

Yeap2. that's true. As for the books, I just love my books & feeling afraid they might damage the book,haha. Especially My twilight series ^-^

As for English essays, I want to keep my creativity to be original, no copy cats. Eventually, my 'friends' who wanted to copy my ideas, tend to follow exactly what I wrote. But if they ask me to help with grammars, I don't have any problem to help them :)

3. Found rejecting people's love is very, very difficult to do.

4. I would laugh to my friend's jokes even though it's not funny.

5. Adore one of my teachers in my school.

:) some people might think I am very obsessed with that cikgu. But I am not! I am only adoring the cikgu. Looking up on that cikgu :) Yes, the cikgu is a MALE, haha.

6. I would cry seeing sad movies :D

Hahaha. yes, I would. Shoosh, pls don't let others know :D
Like>> King Kong, SOME hindustani movies, movies involving hot guys die at the end, and so on.

7. Really love to act! In bedroom, with my sister+cousins.

8.Love to do extreme activities.

Not ever been scared riding any roller coaster, Love to camp, like a LOT !

9. I would write on my bedroom wall when I wanted to express my feelings. And no, I won't get into trouble with my parents. I think :P

10. I would be very, very, very mad if someone took a snap of me
with a camera,
with no permissions.
I would be very pissed off !

Hmmph, that's all I could think of kot.. :)

P/s these are facts, not lies & I did not make these things up, thank you :)

Saturday, 4 April 2009

New favourite things to do.


I was skodeng-ing one of my fav guy on youtube,Nunu's youtube channel.
He wanted to quit making vids :(
I looked at his comments and I clicked on sum1 page.
He is akmal.
He loves to make V-logs(video blogs)
He would always merepek but,
I realize that he's so funny.
And now, I just love seeing his V-logs!
He's kind of cute la jugak :P

But now, die off to PLKN la.
xdpt la tgk die punye v-logs yg baru..
Anyway, this is him :)

I laugh every single time I see this vid.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Hot day lahh :0

Hye,hye sume nye.

oh, hari yg panas di sports day. Sgt panas. Menci nye! Bkn wat menda pn, jd audience jek.
Muke pn da gelaapp! Huih. Lme auw nk ilang kn blk -_-

Ku menci ckgu displin, Pn Asiah. Create silly+stupid rules.
Like for instance, hv to wear tudung with no decorations- sulam2,manik2,batu2.
Hey, org nk pkai tudung pn da ckup bagus kn. Ape kes la yg xleh nk pkai sume uh? I just don't get it.

So, I wore those tudung that she suggested to me. Bought at skul, Ya' Allah kerasss tau x tudung nye! So, hideous ! Ta selesa. Huih!

But, I had fun with my sayangs: breena+sha+opie+yg len2.
Kwat polis besh uh. Me likey. Tp dorg xmng due to sum stupid stuffs.

My kazen dgr yg bomba crews jmpe ckgu yg die xkasi polis menang ke hape, xsure. Yg pntg dorg kate kalu bomba xmng xpe, tp jgn bg polis mng? ape jadah weyh? kalu da dorg terror bg je la an -_-

so ckgu nk bg sng haty bomba crews, ckgu bg yg xspatut nye mng that is Puteri Islam yg smemang nye bterabo kawat ntah hape2.

ape2 pn polis kawat mmg best. Qis bg 10/10, thumbs up guys. ehee, i meant girls ! Korg mmg the besh :)

Jerit abes2 an utk umah kuning :) yayy, suare xilang wokeyh. haha.
Dpt gax tgk my ckgu kesygan :) Guess who? oh, secret la deyh :D

One thing yg sure knape that sum1 still can't be friend with my sis's friends?
Like just lepak je la, xpyh la blah cm uh je. But, den ta kesah mne pon. haha.

And2, rmai la gak stakat nih ckp dorg suke my brand new fone :)
walo pon org uh ade iPhone !! yg smemang nye mhl gyle doh.
pelik2. haha. puas aty gak. yela, gune duit sendri an. haha. poyo kn diri kejap :P

Jom skodeng time sports day :

- breena, opie a.k.a shameen.

- the olahragawati

- MGS band. Not bad la kot. Still kdg2 ade sumbang kot. Yg senior da finished skul, die manage band okay lg kot.

- LAME MGS GIMRAMA squad. I just don't get em. They are just like kindergarden kids who just moves around. No cheer, no stunts. At all..

- me+breena. im holding a cap cover muke dri sun. Serious mmg gyle panas!

- Sha model 100 plus. opie model ODM watch. haha ^-^

- Me+opie

Note to self: Pls come early next year's sports day & chop tmpt yg atas2 sket, kerna ku xsanggup nk dpt sunburn lg.... @_@

The end..