Thursday, 21 May 2009

owh, yayy! number one baby!


At last, he wins lah <3 I love both Kris+Adam.
But since I loved Kris in the 1st place, so I love em more :)

ahhh, he sings beautifully lah!
I got cair even more when I see his face while singing.

And oh, he's married last year, sept.
yeap. he's a married college guy :)

What I love bout him is that he sings with such passion+he's talented+a great performer+he's hot lah! :D

I got cair even more when he said: "Adam deserves this " when Ryan annouced that he is the American Idol. and he was so speechless that he said: "sorry, I don't even know what to feel"

owh, isn't that sweeeeeeet. I have never heard anyone said that. You are the one who won, but said that others should get the title.

how down to earth is that? :)
I love em, i just do <3 and yeah, millions of girls out there are feelin' the same too! haha

This is him during the audition. Looking shy and all, but he's still cute!

This is my favourite picture from him. Looking soooooo adorable :D

I hope you do well in your career and make lots of good music :)
Love ya <3

Ohh, and Adam too. ehehe. Yeap. he's great too :)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Chilling Fall <3 nature forever!

Hye ya'll :)

Been postponing this adventure story for about 2 weeks la.
Sorry, i've been so busy :)

Chilling Fall, Kuala Kubu, Selangor.
These following Pictures will tell you my adventure trip :)

Bringing nasi lemak for lunch in the jungle :)
In This pic : My mom, my bro & me

In This pic : the entrance gate

In This pic : Me filling the entry book, and my hot mom :)

At the bridge.
In This pic : Breena, Me & my bro

the river

In This pic : me and my bro

Ahhh, the green clears ur mind eyy?

In This pic : Me and the nasi lemak :)

In This pic : my mom

In This pic : front: Breena & me
Back: Hindustan guys :D

The Chilling Fall

In This pic : my mom is heading to the Chilling Fall

In This pic : Crowded guys

The beauty

In This pic : Mommy is lookin' for a lepak place :)

In This pic : Me trying to make the Lion King movie poster,haha

In This pic : A view from the cliff

The upper side of the Chilling Fall

In This pic : BAck : me.
Front : mom & breena

The Chilling Fall Pool, upper side.

In This pic : Me & Breena

Smileeee :) In This pic : Me & Breena

Going down a cliff. A really sharp cliff !
In This pic : Mom

Sliding Time baby!

Almost there!

Going back lah.
In This pic : Breena & me

In This pic : Me looking serabut sikit lah! :D

Selamat Jalan, bye Chilling Fall !


The river/jungle tracking that are heading to the Chilling Fall took about 2 hours kot.
Got sesat at some point, coz they weren't any direction.
All they told us was that go and see the stupid map at the entrance that wasn't really a real map!

but the Hindustan Guys kind of lead us to the right way lah.
so, no more sesat!

And, haha, they took a few pictures of mine while I wasn't really looking lah! or maybe buat2 tak nampak haha.

Don't really mind that much. haha. I'll consider myself as the Malaysian local citizen model :P

ohh,The nasi lemak is delicious maybe coz I was freezing and I ate it in the river !

hmmph, there were too MANY people lah. Crowded sangat !
Igt kn certain people je yg tau this place.
So, the fun was kind of cacat sikit, coz xdpt freedom like before nih yg dekat Pisang Fall.

Anyways, that's the end kot :)
thx coz sudi membace,
hahaha :D

Friday, 8 May 2009

Bye, Thx for everything ;)


Alamak. post yg nih dah mcm agak lme da. sorry,
br dpt pix nye.

24.4.09 Ary Jumaat,
My ckgu Science Prac left the building.
Bye cikgu, And i'll Miss You!
Thx for everything yeah.

At first, mmg honestly,
Qis x brape suke this ckgu,
the main reason is,

1.I miss my form 3 teacher>> Mr. Teh and i need him to teach me science!

2.Die mcm xconfident nk aja kte org.

3.Sukee sgt nervous and suare xkuat.

and ms period ckgu nih My classmates sume kurang aja ngan die, TIDAK termasuk diri kuh yg baek ini ;) so, mcm xley concentrate la en.

tp, back too my lovely Cik I'zzah, kalo xknal make tak suke en? hehe ;)

so, lame2, da smakin sukee ckgu nieyh !
mmg bestttttt ckgu nieyh aja siap bwk ketas2 mahjong, pi lukis2 sume la.

kire prepare abes la activity die.
so, tade la boring mne en?

plus, ckgu nieyh ske bg treats utk spe yg jwb soklan> chocolates !

And last day ms die bg gifts kt kte org, mmg sedey dowh!
nk ter crying da tp tahan je la en. eheh. i'm sure gonna miss you !
jage diri baek2 ye :)

May u have a great life yea ckgu !
and cpat2 kawen. haha :D

citer psl the sengal classmates belom abes, smbung laen hary la ye.

Tc smua ;)

Monday, 4 May 2009

My mom is amazing! ;)


Today's my mom's birthday!
Happy bufday my dear mummy!
I love youuuu <3>

The bufday cake, my hot Aunty>> Ucu bought it from secret recipe ;)
Yeapp, my hot mom is 48yrs old(young la), she looks like 38yrs yea? hehe.

aleya,My naughty cousin & my mom <3

my cousin, Kak Zura holding nessa+my nenek :)

My sis breena + My mom.

a card I made for my mom, its not so clear here ;)

a little message from my heart dedicated to my amazing mom ;)

my cat>> Cici. She's a female. Fat cat eyh? haha.
She looks a little sad, so I took her picture.
You must be hungry eyh? hahaha

I loveeeeeeeeee my mom,
and I wouldn't change her with anyone else in the world <3