Saturday, 29 August 2009

Why banned it?


Just watched a movie called Gadoh.
Love emm, love emm, love emm.
But those syengal people banned this movie from the cinema.
Thanks youtube! :D

This movie is about an issue of racism.
Yang jelas wujud di persekitaran kite.
Sebagai contoh, di sekolah aku-Methodist Girls' School Klang.
Cikgu, murid-murid, rata-rata kebanyakannya pun terlibat.
Nama je sekolah kebangsaan, tapi kebanyakan daripada mereka
ada sifat Racist ni.
Kita semua same, manusia.
Kenapa nak beza-beza?
Ntah, aku pn tak tau

Any of you act like a racist?
Stop it.

Watch this movie now and critic it yourself.


Ni part 1. Other parts, cari sendiri

Sukee this movie?
yeahh, me too! :D

p/s : I know this movie sebab I lovee Zahiril Adzim, he's my favourite actor in Malaysia :)
So, I follow up his activity and had waited to see this movie for quiet sometime but takk klua2 in cinema.
Rupe2 nye kne banned lah.shit.naseb bek ade youtube :D


Friday, 28 August 2009

Jangan Nakal.


He gave me this song.
And I'm addictive to this song now.

Yeah, I heard it for the 1st time when he gave me this song.
Not gave, dedicated. :D
Thanks baby.

Alif OIAM - Jangan Nakal

Semua tahu kamu cantik
Semua tahu kau menarik
Kau bidadari terhebat
Membuat cintaku makin kuat

Kadangkala ku cemburu buta
Saat ramai mata terpesona
Terlebih saat ku mahu pergi
Di saat itu kau ada di sini

Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Ku pergi sebentar
Bukan untuk curang
Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Nanti aku datang
Bawa yang kau pesan

Diriku untukmu

Semua tahu kau milikku
Semua tahu ku cintamu
Ada pun yang memandangku
Betapa beruntungnya aku

Kadangkala ku cemburu buta
Saat ramai mata terpesona
Terlebih saat ku mahu pergi
Di saat itu kau ada di sini

Bukan aku terlalu
Mengawal sikapmu
Ku hanya terlalu
Terlalu sayangi kamu
Ampunkan aku terlebih-lebih
Jagakan kamu
Ku cintamu
Kau cintaku

Diriku untukmu
Diriku untukmu


Monday, 24 August 2009

Once they're gone, then only we'll realised it.


Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak too every single Muslim out there.
Do lots of ibadah coz yeahh u're surely going to need it :)
Who knows if you are going to die any sooner right?
Other than Allah SWT of course :)

Hahh !! This made me remember about solat tarawih.
I'd always lovee going to tarawih. It's fun besides having lots of pahala.
I lovee hearing the Ustaz in the mosque near my house reciting Al-Quran.
It's soo beautiful :)

What are the profits of doing the solat tarawih :)

Malam Pertama:

Diampuni dosa orang-orang yang beriman sebagaimana keadaannya baru dilahirkan.

Malam Kedua:

Diampuni dosa orang-orang yang beriman serta dosa kedua-dua ibu bapanya.

Malam Ketiga:

Para malaikat di bawah Arasy menyeru kepada manusia yang mengerjakan solat Tarawih itu agar meneruskan solatnya pada malam2 yang lain, semoga Allah SWT akan mengampun dosa mereka.

Malam Keempat:

Orang2 yang mengerjakan solat tarawih akan memperoleh pahala sebagaimana pahala yang diperoleh oleh orang2 yang membaca kitab2 Taurat,Zabur,Injil & Al-Quran.

I'll give others in my following post okay :)

I Always like it when you are around me.

My big bro had just recently got on the plane to Taiwan.
He got a scholarship for one whole year.
He's not celebrating Ramadhan and Syawal with us this year :(

Bye-bye big bro Haziq, hope you'll stay as healthy as ever.
It must be soooo hard living there since there are not that many Muslims around in Taiwan.
I'm starting to miss you. Tisk tisk.

Having you around was one of the things that made me feel secure here inside my heart even though
I'm not saying it out loud to your face.
Haha i'm being an emo now :P
heee but yeah I miss your jokes and humour, you had influenced my life in some way that my other siblings don't.
Now I get it why God made me look a lot like you.
and I'm glad too :)

Green man,nature man, just like me. heee :)

In Kuching when he used to study there for several years :)

P/S It's school holidays now.Yayy! More time with my baby on pc :)

That's all for now,
see ya'll soon enough :)
take care people.
Misskiss <3

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hold me :)

Hi :)

Tomorrow's my first day at school after being absent for one whole week.
Yeah, I have been attacked by a fever ! and all of those illness that dtg in package.
I was sick for 5 freakin days.
5 days without talking coz my cough was so terok.
And it was so hard to breath lah.
The fever this time I had was a little laen mcm.
All i can do is just lie down on my bed and sleep,eat the ubat and that's it.
I can't talk, ape lg sing a song :(
I can't talk on the phone, couldn't text anyone coz my credit expired pulak and my head was too dizzy.

Thank God, Alhamdulillah, my mom had been taking care of me so very well,
I love you mom :D
And to my baby, thanks for worrying about me,
I love you too :)
Thanks for holding me tightly here inside my heart.
I feel so much better now eventhough the cough's still exist in my throat.


Arghh, I miss my friends, can't wait to see them tomorrow.
But I don't miss the books :P

I think I couldn't do the tarian for Merdeka.
Yeahh, i have been skipping the practice coz i was sick and now there's only
4 days till the performance, and we haven't done a thing.
Padan la muka , coz u guys have been depending on me only.
haha :P
Well, we'll see tomorrow.

Ohh, esok is my friend's birthday lah.

Happy Birthday my dear Filzah :) Happy sweet 16..
Be happy always, and yeah we once pernah had an argument,
but that was the past. We were small kids :P
Babe, i'm always here if u need me, no more stupid arguments okay :)


The wedding was okay lah. Not that bad. The dishes were sedap :)
But i really2 loveee the wedding pictures they took for the slide on the screen.
Really adorable and romantic :D
And I met Mikail or Mika ! He's so damn cute lah. I had a blast time with him.
I was sooo glad he remembered me coz u know how little kids memories are.
Sometimes they can forget people easilly especially if jarang jumpa.
Yayy! he remembers me :)
I love kids. Cute, adorable kids.

Mika and me :)

My sis nani, my cousin abg alang, my sis bubu, me :)

haha a little bit blurr lah sorry :D

This is how the wedding looks like. See the big screen :)

Okay, tuh aje kot for today's drama :P haha.
Have a nice day semua.
Take care :)
Miss kiss <3

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Still Breathing

Assalammualaikum :)

Urghhh. Its's been a very very LONG time since i updated my blog.
I am so very very sorry, my fellow readers :)

Yes, i'm still alive, i'm still breathing and i misss blogging so much.
Some of you may know i was waiting for my pictures at Taman Negara, Pahang.
Nope, i did not receive any of the pictures yet!
urghh. i wanted it soooo bad!
But it's ok, coz i can't wait anymore, i need to start blogging again !

It was the BEST trip ever!
I hate to brag about this trip and just wanted all of you
to see the pictures SOON and suggest u to go there to someday,
coz i am very sure i would love to go there again!

Waaa, now its August already !
and sooooooo many things had happened to me !
Time is flying byTOO FAST !

Well , here i go.

  • Mostly my form 4 syllabus are nearly finished!
There's about 1 more chapter to go for most subjects. Yayy! I can't believe this. I remembered walking to Class 4 Harmoni in the first day at skul. Waa. And now the school is almost over. Almost guys+girls. SOON. haha.

  • Soon my final exam is coming up in October ! then it's time to partayyy!
ohh,wait, next year i'm sitting 4 SPM! ohh no! :0 No more honeymoon next year or so NOT HONEYMOON! There's tons of homeworks ok! But i think i managed well KOT! haha :P

  • Hee, I'm proudly to announce that I'm not available anymore if u know what i mean ;)
Yes , it's true you guys+girls. No further details, FULLSTOP :P

  • Some of my cats went missing! Sob sob ;( i miss them. My adek adek, where are you?

2 of my cats went missing last month(july). Annoy and is followed by Cici.
And it's TOO WEIRD that all the "kucing terbiar" also went missing.
Before this, there'r lots of cats usually will wondering around my house and meow-ing for food. But now, all the cats dissapeared!

I couldn't cry for the lost of Annoy and Cici because i am still feeling sad for the lost of my other cat Puffy which died in march.If i did cried for Annoy&Cici, i would cry more for Puffy!

  • Cuti - cuti Malaysia!


I went to Telok Batek ,Perak for a family day which was held by his office.
It was FUN ! at first i was feeling soo PISSED OFF coz i couldn't go to ACS skul to see BunkFace show !

but then the family day turned to be a fun activity. haha. well, i could "cuci mate" coz one of the guys looks like one of the Jo Bros which was Jo Jonas. And he was usha-ing me too. haha
but at that moment i was single :P

And ohh, i was watching the tv and nubhan AF was around the corner in Telok Batek also, but everyone were sleeping so i couldn't go and see him. haha. Boo hoo.


Nothing special kot.Went to Bukit Bendera, the beach, eat eat eat :P


Tomorrow I'm going to my relative's wedding in Putra Jaya. So hopefully there's good food, good music, not a sleepy event ;)

I'll update again later :)
going to bed.