Saturday, 28 November 2009

Aku ingin bertemu membelai wajahnya.


Bintang malam katakan padanya,
Aku ingin melukis sinarmu dihatinya.
Embun pagi katakan padanya,
Biar ku dekap erat waktu dingin membelenggunya.

Tahukah engkau wahai langit,
Aku ingin bertemu membelai wajahnya.
Kan ku pasang hiasan di angkasa,
yang terindah hanya untuk dirinya.

Lagu rindu ini ku ciptakan,
Hanya untuk bidadari hatiku yang tercinta.
Walau hanya nada sederhana,
Izinkan ku ungkap segenap rasa kerinduan.

Every time I hear this song,
I'll look like the girl in the picture.

Not the pretty part.
Not the gorgeousness.
But the sadness in her eyes.

I bet if I take a picture of me
every time I hear this song,
the sadness in my eyes
will show even more
than the girl in that picture.

It's not your fault.

I will wait.
How hard it'll turn out to be,
I will always wait.
I want you to know that.

Friday, 27 November 2009

The dream that I wish I wouldn't woke up to .


It's funny, but I don't care.

I was walking all alone by myself in a mall.
A weird kind of mall.
A scary one.
It's all dark and quiet.
As I walk I can feel as if someone was watching me.
I began to conceive of goose bumps as
my instinct tells me that something's wrong.

I turned around slowly.
Some weird looking guys were staring at me, right into my eyes.
I can see the evil in they're eyes.
As I was shocked and confused to see those guys,
I can hear as if someone is smashing a drum set inside of me.
It's my heart.
It's the beat of my heart.

I'm scared.
I'm terrified.
What if those guys hurt me?
What if I'll never see my mom again?
What if I'll never see my loved ones again?
What if those guys are psychos?
What if.. What if..
Arghh !
Qis.. calm yourself !

The guys stepped closer.
I backed off.

I was closing my eyes.
I was too afraid to open them.


A familiar voice burst off.
I tend to freeze myself for a sec.
It couldn't be him.
It just couldn't
It's not possible..
He's not here.
He's a thousands miles away..

I opened my eyes
and I felt like my jaw dropped.
He came closer to me and said,
" Don't worry, I'm here now. I'm here with you.. "

I still couldn't believe my eyes.
I managed to opened my lips but
I couldn't form a word.
I keep my lips shut again.

I didn't say a thing.
I couldn't say a thing.
I was so mesmerized by his presence.
He was standing in front of me.
Protecting me.

The magic in his voice calmed me down.
Despite the feeling that I'm too shocked to
believe that he's here.

" What if I say I won't? ", one of the freak said.
" What did you say?!!! "

Oh, dear God no.
They're going to hurt him.
They might. I won't have that as an option.
Nooo. Of course I won't.

" Hey guys, stop okay? Just stop! Just leave us alone."

" Dear, let's go. Let's just go..", I said with my unintentional weak voice.

" I'm not gonna let these freaks get away with this!
They bugged you. I'll just have to bug their faces off too," he said.

" No, dear. They have no worth of your time baby. Our time...Okay..? "
He paused for a bit.
" Okay.. If you say so dear..Let's go."


I held tight onto his arms
to convince myself that he's real.
He smiled and helped me so that
I won't fall of my feet.
That smile of his.
That's what I've been waiting for.
My sunshine.

** beep bepp. I'm not your boyfriend babyyy~
A song that I'll hear every morning.
It's my alarm tone.
I switch the alarm off.
It's just a dream.
The dream that I wish I wouldn't woke up to.

P/s : I don't care how funny/ridiculous this dream of mine is. It's my dream remember? Bug off. haha :))

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Would take my breath away

Q says to that someone :

Grab that guitar and play me a love song honey :)

It's okay if you don't wanna sing me a love song
cuz you think that you're voice ain't good enough.
Even that sound you're making from the guitar would

take my breath away if you're only playing it for me :)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Battleground'09 Preliminary



I was watching tv and i kept changing the channel cuz there's only boring shows, uhhrgh i hate when that happens >.<

I was usha-ing the chinese channels. CLICK ! channel 311.
There's a hip hop dance competition!!
Yeahhh, i loveeee watching dance stuffs especially Hip Hop dance :D

The dead-bored mood is now magically vanished. haha.

There was no subtitle and they're speaking chinese. Well, who the hell cares, haha.
At first I wondered if the show is from Malaysia.
Maybe it's from China/Taiwan/Singapore..?

Then suddenly the MC said JB. And I go : Did he said JB ? As in Johor Bharu?
or maybe it's my imagination.
If he did said JB, I wonder if Alam and Joe are in the show.
FYI: Alam and Joe is my fav hip hop dancers in Malaysia.My number one is Joe :)

A few crew showed their skills and some of them are great!
There's this one crew who wore 70's outfits and they also wore the big puffy hair!
And i was like : What the hell? It's a hip hop competition and someone wore the 70's crap?
But they totally blew me off with their dance routine!
They were great, although some of their moves makes
me wonder : Hmm..they dance like a total fag/gay.
But their gooood :D

After a few crew performs, the MC said: Persilakan Wakaka Fever!!

And I screamed like hell: Oh My God, Oh My God !!
Joe's in the show~~~~
I jumped and yeah I'm 100% in an excited mood!

Now I know..
yeah what I heard was true. The MC did said JB before, and they're not in China/Taiwan/Singapore.

They're in Malaysiaaa.

I called my sis-Breena.
Actually I screamed. haha.
Sabrinaaaaa! Dalam com. ni ade Joe ngan Alam la.
Cepat weyh, dorang dah nak start!!

There they go. Wakaka Fever is in the houseeee.

But I was a bit blurry about the fact that the boys wore female outfits.

WTH are they wearing?
And I said : Pleaseee let it be good~

They were soooooooooo damn good :D

Joe was soooooooo cute, even in that outfit. haha.
The judges loved their performance too. Yay !
My boys did it ! Wohoo ! :D

The Battleground'09 Preliminary that I watched :)

-Joe was the one who wore: Red Scarf, Neck Scarf and purple tights.
-Alam was the one who wore: Purple Jacket, Black Skirt.

Joe was looking sooo cute even with the ridiculous outfit! haha :)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Don't be too creepy


Dad says : Let's go to Kenny Rogers.

Yay! It's been a few months since we had a family day-out.

My dad's always been busy, plus he'll only be back at home couple times a week.
(He transferred to Penang a few months ago)

FYI: My dad is pretty different from other dads.
He would rarely go shopping with his kids or having a day out on weekends with family or going to school to sign up his kid's report cards.

I'm not saying that he's a bad dad, it's just not his style. Not his thing.
He just enjoys sitting at home..

So, yeah, i'm pretty glad he wanted to have a day-out today :D
I ate a lot of food and I was sooooo stuffed! Back to the gym after this, haha :))

Pasar oh Pasar.

Later that evening, my mom said: Tinaaa, Ucu minta pergi pasar, boleh?

Ucu is my aunty, my mom's younger sister.
So, i answered yeahh, cos I'm addicted with this one kuih they sell.

Ucu: Tina, ni list barang yang Ucu nak.
Me: Ohh, ni je ke? (dalam hati-woahhh, gila banyak~)
Ucu: Ha'ah tuh je. Ada apa-apa lagi yang Ucu terlupa ke?
Me: Oh. Tak, tak.. (as soon as possible -_- )

At the pasar.

The rain is starting to pour.
Ohh, God..! Please stop.. Jangan hujan, please jangan hujan..
And I'm wearing one of my fav outfit! (gee can't stop being a girl :P)
At this time I haven't even started buying stuffs yet haha.
Later, it started to rain. A "renyai" kind of rain.
So me and Breena was like, arghh cepat, cepat~ Mana dia jual benda ni??

Thank God at last we found everything and yes, I bought all the stuff on Ucu's list too~

The Creepy Part

I hate going out with Breena sometimes.
She likes to walk on her own like she needs a distance.
What's the point? It's the same thing if I was alone -_-

Anyway, on the way back to my mom's butique,
there's this one guy who goes straight to my direction
immediately after he saw me.
I think he was standing in front of his shop,
he looked like his 20yrs old.
I knew he stared at me when I arrived earlier that day.
As usual, I buat tak tau je la.

But as soon as he saw me,
dia immediately jalan towards me,
and he was like sikit lagi nk crash into me.

I was like hoii, wth?
And of course I had to elak him masa dia nak "terlanggar"
I think I was walking in speed to "run" from him.
Haha, it was kind of funny.
I should have just asked him what the hell he wants from me.
But it's not my fault.
He's the one who's being creepy.

So, tips to guys, jangan jadi creepy.
If you want to say hi, cakap je la.
Not more than that please :)
and please don't do that tikus sound,
we definately don't look like a mouse kan? haha.