Thursday, 31 December 2009

Step Aside 2009, 2010 is coming.

Heyya guys & girls~

I'm going to be in my senior year for 2010 :O
Ohhh my God ! Time flies wayyyy to fast.
I'm going to leave the school next year!
No more annoying teachers,
no more annoying juniors,
no more boring morning assembly,
no more those white and blue school uniforms.
I know I suck coz I think I'm gonna miss my school 
when I'm finally out of there :O

But first thing's first.
My biggest fear : SPM !
The biggest exam ever!
My future life depends on this.
I hope I'll be fine ^-^
InsyaAllah :)

Good luck for all SPM candidates of 2010,
we'll get through this together !
So, get your weapons ready !
Pens, Pencils, eraser and your BRAIN !

Double Thursday !

First Thursday-24/12/09

Hung-out at JJ Bukit Tinggi with Bubu, Izzati and the guys>>Yol, Syahmi, Izham and their friends.
We catched a movie : ZombieLand !!


 This movie is just sooo hilarious ! I kept on cracking up in the cinema :))
And the nasty parts, where the guts were being pulled out, the bones were being broke into pieces are the besttttt :D 
Yeah, FYI, those kind of things doesn't disguise me at all :D

The curly hair guy is kind of cute cuz he was being all nerdy ! I like em !

And there's this one part when Syahmi jumped a little bit cuz he was shocked when a zombie suddenly came out, made me laugh like hell !! haha. Sorry Syahmi cuz I laughed  :))

 In the ladies room with Bubu and Izzati!

 Before the movie starts :D

I had a great time :D

The Second Thursday !

It's the last day before it turns to 2010 !
I hung-out at the JJ Bukit Tinggi again ! haha.
It's me, Bubu, Yol, Izham and Syahmi wondering around the mall.
But this time we didn't catch a movie.
We're buying our school stuffs. Shopping time ~ haha.

I think this year I'm going to study with a lot of motivation.
Wanna know whyyy?

- my fav pencil box of all time  -

Hahaha my cookie monster is so damn cuteee :D 
The Rm21 was worth it,haha.

With the guys :D

Look at Yol yang ta bole duduk diam :P

rooftop at JJ. I know I'm short, haha.
We hung-out at the rooftop just for a few minutes coz then the guy with moustache tells us to get out of there, grrrr >.< 
It's okay, at least Bubu's dream to be at JJ's rooftop came true.haha.
I had a BLAST time :)


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Old stuff yg tak sempat update, version- New Moon


Sorry. I wanted to post about the New Moon movie just after I watched it,
but tak sempat lah.haha.
So, this is what I wanted to tell you guys and girls.

Today is the first day of New Moon's premier at Malaysia.
And I thought that they would launch the movie at 20/11/09
in Malaysia but sadly, it's the official date of New Moon's premier in US.
sengal. penat den bersemangat. haha :))
tapi, takpe, as long as I can make it to the first premier in Malaysia.

I went to watch new moon with ma sista,
-Nani & Bubu.
It's the first premier bebeh.

New moon movie from my view and brain :-
- I hate it. It's not good enough and it's so boring.
-The scenes and the story line that they picked from the book are weak.
-The wolves are too small.
- It's supposed to be so much much more sad.
- I can literally sleep while watching it.

Those views of mine doesn't apply when Edward Cullen which is played by Rob Patz <3 is in the scene :D It's such a waste coz the New Moon book is superbbb. I guess the New Moon director can't handle it well. Shame on you.haha :P But anyhow, I'd still support Twilight Saga's movies and I'd still support Rob Patz. So, I watched New Moon twice only at the cinema. Fyi I watched Twilight a dozen times at the cinema. haha.

Ohhh. lokieee that. haha ^^

The First round.I was a little sick then :/

The second round. I was fine then. hehe :D

I hope the Eclipse movie won't suck as bad as the New Moon movie.haha.

Friday, 4 December 2009

That tickles :)


My heart tingles every time I see his face.
Every single time baby :D