Friday, 30 April 2010

Azam's story. The man himself :)

Okay, update. 
There's no "vroom" noise that came out of the car.
There's no "ulang-alik".
They were going to help their friend, which his friend's motorcycle was broke.
Then, Aminul's car "tergesel" with another car, thats why they speed up.

Just take a look at this video.
It's from Azam, Aminul's friend who was with him during the incident.

   CLICK : AZAM'S Real Story :) 

Thank God he speaks the truth and wasn't being brain-wash by the police that might be asking him to change the real story that happened during that unforgettable night.

I hope people would finally open their eyes and being aware of the corruption that exist all around us.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kenapa kena kejam sangat?


I'm sure all of you know about the 15year old boy that has been shot by the police.
I'm warning you don't you dare trust the news. All of them are just BULLSHITS and full of CRAPS.

I felt like tearing up all the news papers and throwing a chair at the television because 
the stupid media are TWISTING all the real stories to cover up the stupid policeman.

Penjenayah? Gang samun? 
How can you accuse someone that fast and how the hell can you shoot the little kid?

The police said they shot him 4 times. But the neighbors heard more than 4. 
Some said its 11 shots. 
Not once but ELEVEN TIMES !
He got shot on his body and his HEAD !!!

Do you how small is that boy?
He's just 15 damn it !

He has this little cute innocent face that I will never forget.
Everyone in school likes him because he's fun and cute.

Sure he's a bit naughty but he doesn't have any major problems in school.
He's not a bad guy and obviously he's not a criminal !!

Even the BIGGEST criminals, were not allowed to be shot at the sensitive parts like-body and head.
How stupid are you Mister, really?

Okay so you are saying that people who looks suspicious can be shot until he dies ??

and now he's gone. 
I can't believe that the last time I saw him, was definitely the last time that I'll ever see him.

Here's the real story that I believe is true:

He's driving his mom's car to watch football with his friend.
Then the police thought he was looking so "mencurigakan" because he kept "ulang-alik".
He kept "ulang-alik" because was just test driving because he is learning how to drive!

So the police asked him to stop.
He's just a little kid, of course he was scared.
He panicked because he doesn't have the license. So he speed the car.

The police shot the car's tyre. The police shot again for the second time and it hit Aminul.
The car 'terbabas' at the side of the road.
One of the neighbor saw that Aminul had surrender but the police kept shooting.
His friend was being kicked and stamped but he got away by running.

Aminul was in the car and the car suddenly made a sound of "vroom"
and the police thought he wanted to reverse the car and get away.
But he's not. He didn't do anything.
The police shot him again.
He had already got down on his knees.
Some how the police still shoots him.
TWO BULLETS was found in his head!!
One of the neighbors saw him "menggelupur" on the ground (like being shocked by electricity)
After 20minutes he dies.
This is so tragic :'(

And kononnya there's one "parang" in the car.
His family and the neighbors denied it(nafikan).
Because it seems so weird.
And I heard that his friend who got away said that he saw the police put the "parang" in the car.
Because the stupid police wants to get away from his stupid actions.

 Aminul was just driving the car without license like most teenagers his age does.
But the difference is he was being shot. 
Not once but 11 times, maybe more.
Badan dia kecil tahu?

 The four polices only got desk-duty which is ditukarkan ke tugas pejabat.
They killed an innocent little boy and they only got desk-duty?
They should have been sentenced to DEATH!
That's what they deserved!

If this is the world where police+media is not doing their jobs with justice,
And I'm living in it? urghh.
I don't know what kind of world is this.
I am really really sad.

He's my ex-schoolmate and my sister's friend.
He's just a typical teenager.
And now he's blamed and being labeled as a criminal.

His friend that got away was a son of a policeman.
Now why would a criminal would want to be close with a policeman's son?
That's because he's innocent!

Ask the people that lives in Sec.11 Shah Alam. They would know.
Lots of eyes saw the incident.
They heard more than 4 shots and that means the polices lied !

During the funeral, many people came.
They were so sad and they were crying to bits.

If Aminul was a criminal why the hell would the police escorted his body with 
2 police's white horses and 2 Waja police's car ?
Guilty much?

My ex-schoolmates said that his face at the funeral was looking so innocent.
So pure.

I know Aminul was just my ex-schoolmate but this incident could happen to anyone.
If this happens to you, would you want justice?
Do you wanna die and being labeled as a criminal?
Even when you did nothing?

Plus, he's my sister's friend.
Her old friend. 
I saw him a few times before,
and I can't believe that I will never see him again.
He was just a little kid at that time, he was 10years old.
He's so cute.

My sister wishes to see him soon in her batch's reunion.
I'm sorry, you couldn't lil sister.
Be strong. We are all here for you dear <3

And I don't know how am I going to feel if I was in his girlfriend's shoes.
It's devastating.
But she will be her last gf ever. No one else.
Be strong, Emma.

I cried a lot yesterday till now.
and I have 3 more days to finish my exam.
I can't concentrate at all.
I can't sleep because the image of the cute little Aminul kept popping in my head.

He's innocent and he's gone.
Don't say bad things about him.

Don't twist all the real stuffs just because you want to get away !

May Allah reveals the truth to the world.
We believe you Aminul. We really do.
May Allah place you with orang-orang yang beriman dan may Allah ampunkan segala dosamu.Amin..
Al-Fatihah. :'(

Will be missed and will not be forgotten.
Allah will help us.

*the picture-credit to Sabrina Ariff-my sister

Monday, 26 April 2010

Sabar itu separuh daripada Iman :)


Two months to go.
61 days.
*Suddenly the process of breathing seems to be difficult for me.

Okay, this is how I feel :

I gaze up at the sun, 
and I'm comforted because I know 
that the same sunlight is lighting your face.

Even though you're not here and nowhere to be found, 
my heart says you're still here and everywhere to be found !

 Sometimes I miss you so much, 
I just want to rip you out of my dreams and hug you!
Can I ? 
: D


P/s Yes, I am in a very jiwang mood. Ohh, I just can't help it :)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Si baju belang2 dan Aku yang comel :P

 Ehh. Kau agak-agak kau boleh tak dukung aku macam tu lagi sekarang? haha!

That's my 1st brother.
Aku rasa banyak habit and characteristics aku datangnya daripada dia.
Maybe sebab dia suka angkat aku masa kecik2. haha.
I miss him.He's in Taiwan and will be back during raya. 

Nah, mari aku nyanyikan lagu ni untuk kau Haziq !

Hujan-Pagi yang gelap :D

Baik nya aku kan? :)

P/s: Rambut aku sekarang bukan macam tu lagi ya? Masa kecik memang aku ketandusan rambut -__- 
Sekarang orang kata rambut aku cantik.Tak lurus, tak kerinting. Ikal katanya? haha entah lah :)

Kakorrhaphiophobia !


Haa.. Ini lah hidup aku sekarang. Lepas satu, satu. 
Semua prepare untuk hari BESAR yang semua budak form 5 kena lalu tu.

Nak, tak hendak, suka, tak suka, semua kena rasa.
Dan semua tak sabar-sabar nak lepas hari tu kan? 

Okay, this 2 weeks ada PPD exam !
apa nama tu? Haa, ujian Model Item BerFokus.
Last year tak silap, exam ni tak wujud.
Tapi sebab percentage menurun for some subjects, they do this ujian this year for us.
Ohhh, sangat "GREAT" kan? -__-

Setiap bulan will ada exam. 

Bontot melekat kat kerusi,
Mengadap kertas dan tunggu exam yang sejam, dua jam dan dua jam setengah tu habis. 

Hasil :-
Bontot sakit, tulang rusuk cramp, tangan cramp, full scape paper habis, ink pen habis.

Ohh, aku dah dapat rasa gelisahnya diri aku sebab tinggal beberapa bulan je lagi nk berperang :|
What if I'd fail in the end? 
Where would I go after high school?
I feel like I wanna puke and I kept imagine that my hands are shaking so hard coz I'm scared but they are not.
I think I have Kakorrhaphiophobia !
Well everyone should have this K word.
Who doesn't have the fear to fail?

Good luck girls ! Hope there'll be no F's And E's
Another one more week to go till habis exam.

Ohh, lupa pula.
PPD exam ni semua schools in Klang yang ambil.
Each schools ada different time table.
So most of the girls in my school nak dapat high score.
Dorang pergi tanya other schools keluar soalan apa.
And ada yang tanya jawapan.

Ohh nak tipu ya?
Tipu lah. Fikir ada benefit ?
We all know that there's 0% benefit.

Am I cheating too?
No !
I hate doing that.
Sebab nanti if the teachers tau that there's soalan bocor,
what's the point pergi dapat high marks kan?

Ahh ! Ni yang buat aku rasa sia-sia je aku duduk berjam-jam kat kerusi tu,
tapi nanti in the end semua marks tu tak diambil kira sebab banyak orang cheat.
Argh ! >.<

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I hope no one can see me..


I hope no one can see me.
Cuz I'm not being myself most of the time lately.
And it scares the heck out of me.
I don't want people to judge me when I'm not me.
You can hate me when I'm being myself. I don't care.

but thankfully I'm the real me whenever the other half of me is beside me, 
and not to forget when I'm with my bffs.
At least I didn't lost myself completely.

Arghh, it's so hard.
This thingy is bugging me.
It doesn't feel right.

Come back the real me.
I need you.
Don't leave me cuz you're the one who has been here with me since I was born.

Don't give up on me now, will ya?

Friday, 9 April 2010

Kau pernah?


Tarikh : Baru-baru ni.
Tempat : Atas katil.

 Pernah tak kau rasa sesuatu yang
kau tak boleh interpretasi ?

Bukannya rasa kehadiran mistik,
tetapi sesuatu perasaan yang buat kau rimas.
 Kau cuba buang tetapi tetap juga kau rasa.

Selalu aku rasa nak duduk
sendirian sebab orang tak faham aku.

Kalau bersosial pun,
semua rasa palsu.
Kadang-kadang tak ikhlas.

Kerana aku di'expect' untuk begitu.
 Untuk senyum sepanjang masa.
Untuk ada mood baik sepanjang masa.

Aku juga manusia seperti kau.
Tahu rimas,
Tahu marah,
Tahu sedih.

Cuba buka mata kau luas-luas.
Kerana aku dah letih nak tampal senyuman fake buat kau.
Fake itu bukan cake.
Fake itu palsu. 
Fake itu tidak betul. 
Fake itu tidak asli.
Fake itu bukan aku.

Perkataan ini untuk buat engkau terasa,
untuk engkau yang bergelar schoolmate aku.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I think I'm okay now.


I think I'm okay now?

Tak semua yang aku fikirkan tu betul.
Tapi aku harap aku dah betul-betul okay.
Aku harap aku okay bukan sebab halusinasi aku.
Aku harap aku okay bukan sebab helah bayangan aku.
Aku harap aku okay bukan sebab aku nak aku okay.

Aku harap aku okay sebab aku betul-betul okay.
Okay? :)

Konklusinya ialah aku harap aku dapat jadi seperti aku yang tertulis dalam surat beranak aku tu semula.

Lepas satu hari aku lepaskan semuanya, dan relakan semuanya, aku rasa lega.
Lega sangat-sangat.
Tapi aku tak ready lagi nak tengok dia dalam video-video dia tu.
Aku tak sedia lagi nak ketawa bila tengok telatah dia.
Belum lagi.
Yang itu pelan-pelan aku cuba.

Banyak-banyak terima kasih kepada manusia-manusia yang sudi nak risaukan aku.
Terima kasih sangat-sangat :)

Kau tahu 500 orang datang masa upacara pengebumian dia?

Ramai tu. Alhamdulillah, ramai orang sayang dia.
Kalau boleh aku pun nak pergi. Tapi seperti biasa lah, jauh sangat.
Aku pun tak tahu sanggup ke aku nak tengok dia masa tu.
Tapi insyaAllah satu hari nanti aku nak ziarah kubur dia :)

Dan lagi satu, aku nak bagi dua thumbs up dekat Afdlin Shauki.
Kau tahu dia batalkan niat dia nak pergi ABP tahun ni sebab nak bagi penghormatan dekat arwah?
Bagus Afdlin, kau buat peratus minat aku kat kau semakin banyak :)

Sekarang aku dah okay, jadi meh sini aku jemput korang semua tengok gambar sports day aku.
Ni final year aku as a high school student. 
Maybe kalau aku rajin, next year aku pergi :)

1/4/10 Khamis.
7:30am - 1.00pm

 Monyet kat belakang tu bising sehingga hampir 
memecahkan gegendang telinga kami.

Muka aku dah gelaaaaaap ! Katakan ini mimpi.. 
Katakan ! XP

Ni monyet kesayangan aku ni. Kau jangan curi. 
Aku baling kasut aku nanti.haha.

Ni practical teacher yg super super hot ! They used to teach me in drama class :D

Lepas ni aku bukan budak MGS lagi dah. Yessss ! 
Monyet lagi dua tu kau tinggal lagi dua tahun ! aku pergi dulu... hahaha.

Candid lah wehh. 

credit to shudi+Bubu :)

May Allah will bless us all with His love and care, always :)

Friday, 2 April 2010

Allah Loves you More :' (


2/4/10. Jumaat. 12:30am.

Mior Ahmad Fuad Bin Mior Badri telah meninggalkan kita semua dan pulang ke Rahmatullah di Hospital Selayang. Dia menghidap Dengue Shock Syndrome. Umurnya 44 tahun dan mempunyai isteri dan tiga anak. Anak sulung 18tahun, perempuan. Anak kedua lelaki dan anak ketiga perempuan.

 Ya Allah...

Kau tempatkanlah hambaMu Din Beramboi ini dikalangan orang yang beriman. Kasihani dan Kau ampunilah segala dosanya. Semoga rohnya dicucuri Rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang beriman. Amin..


Allah loves you more Din. Allah loves you more :'(



Semalam sports day dan aku agak hari akan panas. Jadi aku buat kipas guna kertas yang keras. Memandangkan atas kertas tersebut kosong, lalu aku tuliskan :

"Din Beramboi Get Well Soon" kerana memang itu yang aku harapkan.

Namun, hari kelihatan sejuk dan panas tak terik. Dah nak balik, baru panas sikit.

Pada malam semalam, sebelum pukul 12:30am aku tak boleh tidur. Lalu aku cipta satu puisi buat Din Beramboi :

Wahai Pencipta


 Di sana aku lihat kamu,

Di situ aku lihat kamu.

Hati sentiasa gusar dan gelisah,

 Nak ketawa tidak terbunyi,

Nak senyum tak terdaya.

 Ku tahu kau kuat,

jangan kau lenyap !


Panjangkan perjalanannya wahai Pencipta !

Tolong bukakan matanya,

hiasi senyum dibibirnya.

Itulah harapan besar,

beribu-ribu hati sedang berharap.


Tolong jadikan ia nyata,



Namun, Allah lebih sayangkan dia.

Din ! Terima kasih kerana menghiburkan hati aku selama ini. Hanya Allah saja yang dapat balas jasa kau ni. Sedih aku, hanya Allah yang tahu Din.

Ada di satu video kau cakap kau tak dapat hadir ABP tahun ni kerana takde bas nak naik. Seperti kau dah tau ya, Din :'( - CLICK



"Tidaklah seorang Muslim yang wafat pada hari Jumaat atau pada malam Jumaat kecuali pastilah Allah menghindarkannya dari seksa kubur." (Hadis Riwayat Ahmad)" ~ Al- Fatihah. Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang orang yang beriman. Amin.